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Godless TV Is Coming

Ho hum, another station that I won’t watch;

It is a fact of American life that even though far fewer than half the adult population attend church on a weekly basis, atheism remains an outright taboo in many corners of the country.
As we discovered on a reporting trip to Virginia earlier, non-belief is something that many Americans are too afraid to even admit to their parents, friend and teachers. Many fear alienation from the communities they grew up in, or even active discrimination from employers and teachers for their non-belief.
But in what is a sign of changing times, perhaps, next week sees the launch of America’s first dedicated TV channel for non-believers. Atheist TV launches in New York and will broadcast 24 hours a day via Roku, the internet streaming service that allows people to watch internet-based channels on their TVs. Roku only has seven million subscribers, but anyone can watch it streamed online at www.atheists.tv

What a bunch of crap. The majority of our regulars here are atheists, do you guys really feel discriminated against, fearful to speak freely among your peers or your community? I know, ridiculous.

As far as the TV station, bring it, more variety I say. I think us left handers should get a channel as well. Of the 450 plus stations that I get, between 10 to 15 ever get my eyes, 1 more I won’t watch is uneventful for me.

I’m thinking that this will probably mirror the success of AirAmerica, remember those guys? But if it catches fire and gives foxnews a run, fine with me. Capitalism knows no religion, rewards only those that innovate, create, or work hard.

As I’ve written before, America is secularising faster than many people realise, with the latest data analysis by Mark Chaves at Duke University indicating that even the Evangelical movement – after two decades of bucking the secularisation trend – is starting to lose traction among young people at almost the same rate as traditional churches.

This is why I think any whining about those meaner believers picking on the non believers is garbage. Free will, reaping what you sow, making your own bed and sleeping in it, unlike those insane Islamist countries, we don’t behead non believer. You guys can even get your own TV station.