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LSM is again not reporting a huge story

Stalin was famous for saying the following:

“It is enough that the people know there was an election. The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

By that he meant that people like him believed that elections where just a means to an end, and thus, the real power came from the vote counters. The progressives have agreed with Stalin on this forever, and have actively pursued this strategy. It is not a coincidence that we have had so many instances of leftist organizations like ACORN confounding and polluting the voter registration process, with members registering “Mickey mouse” and “Donald Duck”. Neither is the fact that the left wants criminals to vote and is fighting to give them that right even in prison. They want no checks on who votes, how often, or if they even are legal citizens. Those that oppose the lefts demand that no guard rails be put in place to prevent voter fraud and that we rely simply on the vote counters to do their job? Well, they are racists & fascists – never mind that Fascism is a disease of the left – motivated not by the desire to make sure people do not abuse the right to vote, but driven by nefarious motives to deprive minorities or some such from casting votes in order to keep them oppressed! And there is a purpose for this.

Enter this eye opening story which I am certain will be buried by the LSM, because if people understood the details of what happened here, the ripples would have staggering effect on the democrat election rigging machine.

A Des Moines man has been arrested after police say he used, or tried to use, the identity of Iowa Secretary of State Matt Schultz in a scheme to falsely implicate Schultz in perceived unethical behavior in office.

Zachary Edwards was arrested Friday and charged with identity theft.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety issued a news release saying Schultz’s office discovered the scheme on June 24, 2011 and notified authorities.

The criminal complaint says Edwards fraudulently used or attempted to use the identity of Schultz or Schultz’s brother with the intent to obtain a benefit. No other details were given.

The real and incredible story however is in the details that are omitted from what is reported in the Des Moines Register. This is not your average case of identity theft at all. It is Machiavellian in nature and sets a frightening context. Let us start with the guy whose identity was swiped. This Mr. Schutlz or his brother that the article so casually mentions, actually are Iowa Secretary of State, Matt Schultz, or his brother Thomas. Schultz is a republican. And as the website I link you to shows, the guy in charge of counting the votes in a key state come the next election. Clearly Schultz is not one of those people that would turn a blind eye to the usual fraud democrats depend on to put them over in close elections.

So let’s look at that Zachary Edwards fellow that got arrested for this. Google searches will not produce much information on him, but that’s not because he is a nobody. It seems Mr. Edwards information was surgically cleaned out, and on purpose. But as others are showing using the WayBack machine this Mr. Edwards is none other than the Zachary Edwards that during the 2008 primaries functioned as an Obama staffer, directing the efforts around new media operations, in the primaries of 5 states. After his “success” at that – and success is now in quotes because considering what was done here one wonders what else he did – he was elevated to head the democrat machine’s New Media efforts for the State of Iowa. In short, this guy us a connected and hard core democrat operative.

So we have an Obama connected democrat star operative getting caught committing a crime that involves him doing something under the identity of a republican Secretary of state or his brother, conveniently right before the 2012 elections in a state that is certain to be key to winning, and no details from the LSM? Circle back to Stalin’s quote about the vote counters being what matters in any election, and understand that if Shultz ends up in trouble, he gets replaced by a democrat.

That picture clearing up for you yet? So an operative targets a vote counter in a sate the dems need to win. When he gets caught, the dems clean out all records of his involvement with Obama and the Iowa democrat machine. The LSM reports the story sans the important details that would give the story perspective. At a minimum we need to understand if this is part of a larger coordinated effort by democrats, maybe even outside Iowa, to screw with the coming election. Watergate was about much less! Of course, then we had a president the LSM wanted to stick it to, and now we got their unvetted and inexperienced community organizer, so I see why they do not care much for this story. Frankly I am not surprised at this turn of events. I am actually more concerned how many more cases of this are out there, but of which we know nothing. True believers will do whatever it takes to get their ways. After all, they are doing it for all our own good!