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Useful Idiots

Although Lenin gets credit (probably not deserved) for coining the phrase, the basic premise reveals mountains concerning the human condition. I always liked the phrase ,”The path to Hell is paved with good intentions”, another window which we can peer through, but to get seemingly good/honest people to do your bidding, to garner unwitting support for a malignant cause through charitable/peaceful acts, genius.

The latest example of a truly useful idiot comes from Hollywood land, where idiots rule and high falutin’ causes pointed anywhere near world peace and understanding, beating those swords into plowshares, are de rigueur:

Sean Stone, son of controversial director Oliver Stone, converted to Islam in Iran last week and says he’s already experiencing a Hollywood backlash.

Maybe the “backlash” he is experiencing has more to do with the dogma practiced in Hollywood as learned through the old USSR, that religion of any kind is a weakness and a disease, the sooner eradicated the better.

I consider myself a Jewish Christian Muslim.

Now I want to give him a hug, how noble and worldly (and stupid). I’m trying to wrap my brain around that. The Koran teaches that all infidels should be killed, umm, does that mean that the Muslim side of him wants to kill the Christian side? This is like saying that you are a both liberal and conservative, a vegan and a carnivore, can like Kate Upton and Marrisa Miller (OK, that one is a bit hazy).

Interesting that he chose a country like Iran to convert to that religion of peace, the same country that has probably more blood on it’s hands (through it’s backing and support of every terrorist organization on the planet) and that same place where the destruction of Israel and all Jews in general stokes their nuclear ambitions.

Here is Sean on The Factor last night, Ahmadinejad is just misunderstood, yeah, that’s it.

“I don’t care if I get criticized. If I can open up a debate about religion and create some understanding, then it is worth it.”

They aren’t criticizing you, they are laughing at you, laughing at your stupidity naivete. First off, to think that you converting to Islam will somehow make for a better world, a world more peaceful and tolerant, that is just goofy, and sooooooooo Hollywood.

But here is the bigger picture, wake the eff up, those Iranian enablers of yours would separate your head from your neck if it not for your conversion, and just remember, don’t even think about changing your mind, they are the exact antitheses of “pro choice”, their dopey apostasy laws mandate that you lose your life if you have a change of heart. Obviously, Sean, you did not think this one out very well.

And why the trip to terrorist land for his conversion, he couldn’t find any Islamic mosques here in America?