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Remember that whole thing about Murdoch and his news agencies?

Well, as I suspected the problem wasn’t with Murdoch or with NOW, but with the British system. As this The Atlantic piece mentions, Scotland Yard is now looking at over 31 publications and hundreds of journos, which the piece also mentions is completely ignored by the MSM which wants to make this about Murdoch.

Have no doubt that the LSM isn’t reporting on their role in this sordid affair, but more interested in using the Murdoch angle to help out Obama’s sagging chances in 2012. Linking Fox News to NOW and by association dismissing Fox News as credible – an issue I have problem grasping because the facts uncovered by these probes by NOW, illegal or not, remain the facts – they hope can go a long way to help mitigate their effect in the 2012 elections. Stopping Fox News from pointing out Obama has been a disaster, something the LSM simply can’t do after helping elect him, is the main motive for their faux concerns.

Put that into perspective, and then make your own judgment about these losers and their game.