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Sunday Obama Blast

As I said earlier, Obama is really lucky he has Mitt Romney distracting attention away from his silliness. Rather than put up a series of posts on his latest dunceries, I’ll put up a “Two Minutes of Hate” post on three recent news items illustrating the stupidity and power-grubbing of this Administration:

The Competitive Enterprise Institute estimates that federal regulations impose a shocking $1.8 trillion in regulatory costs on the economy. This is 20 times what the CBO estimates ($90-100 billion). While I think the CEI is probably overshooting, it is likely the real number is much closer to theirs than the CBO’s (the Small Business Administration got a similar estimate). Now some regulatory costs we can live with — clean rivers, acid-free rain and bug-free meat are good things. But I think we can get the same results for a lot less than $1.8 trillion. The Obama people, who have grown that cost to the tune of a couple hundred billion, keep claiming that Cass Sunstein is going to fix this situation. Given that he accepts the CBO’s estimate, I don’t see that happening.

This story, a must-read, deals with new federal regulations on school lunches. The feds, in their infinite wisdom, have decreed that lunches can not exceed 850 calories. Whether you are a 100 pound computer jockey or a 200 pound linebacker, you get 850 calories. Athletes are starting to feel hungry in the middle of the day which doesn’t exactly help their concentration. Moreover, the government is pushing schools toward low-fat diets, including low-fat or no-fat milk. The stupidity of that literally boggles the mind. Kids’ brains are still developing. They need fat, especially the kind of fats you get in milk, to build their brains. We are rendering a generation of kids stupid in our mindless pursuit of the fucking BMI and the fucking food pyramid, two health concepts that make leeches look scientific and rational.

You may have heard about the spate of beard-cuttings going on in an Amish community in Ohio. Like me, you may have assumed this would be dealt with in a sensible manner: assault charges against the debearders. You would be wrong. The Feds took over the case and got a conviction on hate crime charges. As the indispensable Jack Sullum points out in the link, these guys could spend decades in prison. For cutting off beards. They might have been better off just murdering their victims.

When Republicans opposed the Matthew Shephard Act, they were branded as bigots. And … perhaps it was anti-gay sentiment that motivated them. But now that the law is passed, it has given federal authorities a truly dangerous amount of power. They can literally make a federal case out of and send someone to prison forever for thought crime.