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Politics Makes You Stupid: First Time

I’m not OFFENDED! by this ad. I just think it’s really really dumb. And it really really gets at everything that can drive you nuts about the Cult of Obama. I defy any thinking person to watch and not want to puke into a trash can by the end.

My first time voting, incidentally, was 1990. I think I voted for John Linder for Congress. He lost to Ben Jones because Pat Swindall had left such a foul taste in people’s mouths and Jones was a conservative Democrat (and also Cooter from the Dukes of Hazzard). I also voted for one of the few Democrats I’ve ever supported — Senator Sam Nunn, who was very conservative and would probably be a Republican today. Nunn may even have been running unopposed in 1990. Two years later, I voted a straight Republican ticket in Bush’s I unsuccessful re-election bid.

I didn’t feel “empowered” or “special” or anything. It was just something I did. Politics was not something new and exciting when I was 18. The first election I get intensely interested in was 1984 when I watched Reagan absolutely destroy Mondale. But Nunn, Linder and Bush were very good politicians to cut your teeth on. There was no cult about them, no flash and celebrity. All three were plain, competent men who executed their offices in a very straight-forward business-like way. I can’t imagine anyone going faint and blushing over them like in the above video. And that’s the way it should be.

At the risk of making some of our readers feel old (including me), do you remember your first election?