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A Movie About The Other Fat Man

High praise indeed

As if Game Change was not revealing enough (love affair pointed one direction, antipathy and disgust the other) Hollywood, or should I say a Hollywood liberal, no difference really, is making a movie about a conservative icon, replete with femi nazism, the magic negro song, and one golden microphone:

Actor and outspoken liberal John Cusack is developing a movie about conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, Cusack’s production company said Friday.
The working title is “Rush,” Cusack’s New Crime Productions confirmed, offering no other details.
Hollywood director Betty Thomas, who’s set to work on the film, said the production company is putting finishing touches on a script that will star the actor. Production is set for next year, Thomas said.

John Cusack as Rush Limbaugh, that’s believable.

As Hollywood libs go, Cusack is rather lovable, and he has the guts to admit that Obama has come up wanting. Grosse Point Blank is one of my all time favorites, a hit man with a conscience ,”If you see me at your door, chances are you did something to bring me there”.

I can’t figure out who the target audience is. At least Game Change flowed from an election where their guy won, a victory lap movie, but who is going to go see this? I look at this as a Michael Moore POS (still can say I have never wasted my time on any of his drivel), conservatives know he will be portrayed negatively, and libs will only watch if he gets assassinated at the end, or at least a major focus on his divorces or medical problems, without real misery or suffering they have no interest.

Somehow I think this is going to be a Larry Flynt, part 2, but without the naked women……………boring.

Rush to Censor

I thought we’d reached the nadir of the Sandra Fluke thing with Mark Steyn pontificating when he clearly had not bothered to read her testimony (note to Mark: she never talked about her sex life. I mean, at all). But … as always … there is no debate in this country on which the Right can possibly be as stupid as the Left.

First, there is Gloria Allred, who is determined not to let a controversy pass without making a fool of herself. She’s threatening libel lawsuits and prosecution under an obscure law that makes it a crime to impugn a woman’s chastity. Seriously. Remember when such laws were seen as a holdover from a less-enlightened time? There were times in high school when I would have killed for someone to impugn my chastity. Just a little bit. One of the whole points of this debate — and in fact the feminist movement — is that women should not be ashamed of their sexuality.

But — and I am as surprised by this as you — Gloria Allred has not made the stupidest utterance on this matter. No, that took the combined talents of not one, not two, but three raving neo-feminist loons.

Limbaugh doesn’t just call people names. He promotes language that deliberately dehumanizes his targets. Like the sophisticated propagandist Josef Goebbels, he creates rhetorical frames — and the bigger the lie, the more effective — inciting listeners to view people they disagree with as sub-humans. His longtime favorite term for women, “femi-Nazi,” doesn’t even raise eyebrows anymore, an example of how rhetoric spreads when unchallenged by coarsened cultural norms.

Wow. You went for the Nazi reference right off the bat. I might have held back a bit before uncorking that one.

I do want to take a moment to talk about “femi-Nazi”. I was a regular Limbaugh listener for most of the 90’s and still occasionally tune him in. I have never heard him use the word “femi-Nazi”. The only time I am aware, second-hand, of him using it was when he was criticizing feminists for lamenting the decline in the number of abortions and opposing very common-sense regulations. His point was that anyone who saw a decline in the number of deaths of what was arguably a human life deserved such a moniker. I’m not sure I disagree.

But, surprisingly, that’s not the stupidest thing in the op-ed. After calling on Clear Channel to dump Limbaugh, they say:

If Clear Channel won’t clean up its airways, then surely it’s time for the public to ask the FCC a basic question: Are the stations carrying Limbaugh’s show in fact using their licenses “in the public interest?”

Spectrum is a scarce government resource. Radio broadcasters are obligated to act in the public interest and serve their respective communities of license. In keeping with this obligation, individual radio listeners may complain to the FCC that Limbaugh’s radio station (and those syndicating his show) are not acting in the public interest or serving their respective communities of license by permitting such dehumanizing speech.

The FCC takes such complaints into consideration when stations file for license renewal. For local listeners near a station that carries Limbaugh’s show, there is plenty of evidence to bring to the FCC that their station isn’t carrying out its public interest obligation. Complaints can be registered under the broadcast category of the FCC website: http://www.fcc.gov/complaints.

Wow. You will never find a better distillation of the radical feminist mindset. They believe the FCC should be looking over all broadcasts to make sure they fulfill some nebulous “public interest”. Anything that does not meet the public interest — public interest as defined by Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda and Robin Morgan — should be silenced.

They later accuse Limbaugh of “hiding behind the First Amendment”. But that’s what the First Amendment is for. It exists to shield controversial speakers from the heavy hands of know-it-all hyper-moralists like these three. Rush Limbaugh isn’t hiding behind the First Amendment. All of us are standing proudly on top of it, especially the feminists whose early calls for women’s liberation were seen as immoral and dangerous. Do you think any of these women’s early activism would have been seen as being in the public interest? Their view is so radical that it provoked Mark Randazza, who can’t stand Limbaugh, to call them crazy.

I have no problem with boycotts or pressure or calling someone out. The First Amendment does not shield you from the consequences of speech; it merely blocks government action. Calling someone an asshole is not oppression, no matter how much Kirk Cameron thinks it is. Even firing someone for speech is not oppression, no much matter how much Dr. Laura thinks it is. In a free country, people can respond to speech they don’t like by refusing to listen, by firing someone’s ass or by simply saying, “Fuck you, asshole.” But they can not respond by having the government pull the plug on a mic.

Oh, there’s one last note:

This isn’t political.

Like hell it’s not. While it’s true some feminists have called out liberals for their misogynistic statements about conservatives, those call have never come with this kind of furor and intensity. Nor have the radicals had any compunction about lumping even the mildest pro-life law with the worst and calling all of it a “war on women”. So spare me your high-minded calls for civility.

This is not about apolitical cleansing of the airwaves. The substance of the debate matters. What has really fired up these women is that this garbage as been slung at a woman calling for free birth control. If a woman testifying for abortion restrictions were called these names or worse, we would not see his kind of op-ed.

I’ve said before that I think Rush went over the line on this one. But this is not the first time this has happened in American history. It’s not the first time it’s happened this year. The unfortunate side of free speech is that sometimes people say vile and ignorant things. But the alternative is to live under the kind of society these three idiots want: one in which speech has to serve a public interest, one in which lawsuits color the sky yellow, one in which people are afraid of speaking their minds. What Rush Limbaugh said was wrong. But using the government to silence him would be even worse.

Sleep On This

Getting kicked right in the face by your own knee jerk, welcome to that risk portion of capitalism. An ex Rush Limbaugh advertiser has had a come to Jesus moment and wants Rush back, but Elvis has already left the building, another pitfall from bowing to one group of consumers, another group (who also votes with their wallets) may not approve:

Today, The Rush Limbaugh Show rejected an overture from Sleep Train President Dale Carlsen to restart its advertising on the show, a week after Sleep Train pulled its advertising

That mattress just got a bit lumpy.

Not to re hash this whole episode (Rush erred in his choice of pejoratives, he realized his mistake later and apologized, that should be the end of it) but I am surprised at this obvious mistake he made, maybe he should untie that other half of his brain. Clearly this woman deserves every bit of derision she is getting, she is a bum, and if Limbaugh attacked her on those terms, he would have avoided the dog house. But he feminized it, using a word that targets women specifically, that was his mistake. Not only is she a bum (begging for money to pursue her recreational activities, something btw that she could easily afford herself) but she was a liar as well, inflating numbers that were inaccurate.

I realize that the left is getting all giddy, thinking they can bring down the icon, they have been trying (and failing) for 20 years. Although, his amateurism is not spotting this self layed bear trap (and that whole “provide us with a sex tape” thing) tells me that his is slipping, getting old, and not quite as sharp as in the past, it happens.

But the left now has a new poster girl. Funny, that a struggling law school student, unable to afford her contraception, now has time to galavant across the nation, appearing on MSM shows, megaphone in hand. Fine, you want to enter the arena, you better “Spartacus” up, carrying Obama’s water comes with a price tag.

Rush Limbaugh and Slut-Shaming

I’m sure you’ve heard about Rush Limbaugh’s increasingly provocative comments on birth control. In brief, Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke testified that birth control pills cost a typical woman about $3000 over a three year timescale and that this was quite a burden for students. Some Right Wing idiot calculated how many condoms that would buy (several thousand) and yucked it up about just how much birth control she needed and how much sex she was having. It was an extremely stupid analysis, since birth control pills cost the same whether you have sex every day or not at all. And they are, on occasion, prescribed therapeutically, such as when a woman is undergoing fertility treatments or having some procedure — like chemotherapy — in which getting pregnant would be dangerous.

But then Limbaugh picked that stupidity up and ran with it, saying the girl essentially wanted to be paid to have sex. And when called on it, he doubled down, joking that she should send the taxpayers a sex tape in repayment for their sponsoring of all the sex she was having.

There are several aspects to this and I’d like to turn it over a few times before putting it down and walking away. First, I agree with what Ken at Popehat said last night on Twitter. At this point, Rush Limbaugh is clearly power trolling, saying provocative things to get attention and ratings. I know Rush’s show enough to know when he’s being facetious. This is clearly not meant literally (not that this excuses the gross misogyny of the remarks).

However, that in itself is shameful. As I said on Twitter, there used to be a time when Rush Limbaugh didn’t need to do this shit to be relevant. During the mid-90’s, Rush was at the epicenter of our political world. And the reason was because he was fucking brilliant. He had facts and arguments on his side. He relished the debate. He gloried in skewering the Clintons and their myriad supporters. And he argued persuasively for many of the policies we eventually enacted. The Left always claimed he was “spewing hate” but he wasn’t. He was upbeat, optimistic and grounded in facts and data. And it was clear that the Clintons, at least, knew this. They fed him information during the NAFTA debate. And they started dumping policies and press releases at 3:00 pm on Fridays so they would have three days to spin it before Rush could comment.

Now his show is more bitter and angry, less about ideas than about bombast. And this is just the apotheosis. It’s like watching a fading athlete take steroids to try to regain his former glory. It’s just sad.

But, let’s turn this issue over again. People are outraged about what Rush Limbaugh said and that’s fine. They should be. But where is the comparable outrage to the Left referring to a standard medical procedure as “rape”.

Pro-choice commentators have called the transvaginal form of ultrasound that’s standard early in pregnancy “rape,” “forced vaginal penetration,” and an “unnecessary medical procedure” in response to bills in Virginia and elsewhere that would, practically speaking, require all abortion recipients to undergo an ultrasound by this method.

But I have considerable concerns about what calling these ultrasounds “rape” and “unnecessary” will mean for abortion patients and providers. The reality is that most abortion patients do receive an ultrasound to date their pregnancies. Since most abortions take place in the first trimester of pregnancy, many of these ultrasounds are performed with a transvaginal probe, the most effective method for viewing early-stage pregnancies.

But now that women have heard abortion supporters describe this form of ultrasound as “rape,” will more of them be terrified when they arrive at a clinic and are informed they will have such a procedure? Or might they be scared off altogether? Will abortion clinic staff who perform the ultrasound be seen as “rapists,” as the provider I mentioned earlier worried? This is a possibility not lost on the anti-abortion website LifeNews, which recently ran the headline, “If Ultrasound is Rape, Arrest Planned Parenthood Staffers.”

For the Left to compare the forcible sexual violation of a woman to a standard medical procedure is far more deeply offensive than anything Rush Limbaugh has said. And the thing is that they mean it. This is not a joke or an exaggeration for comic effect. This is a tactic, plain and simple. But it has generated a thousandth of the outrage reserved for some radio guy talking out of his ass.

Really, I am disgusted by this entire debate. I’m disgusted that our government is trying to mandate insurance coverage. It doesn’t matter if it’s birth control or metamucil: the principle is wrong, stupid, expensive and anti-free market. If I ran a business, I’d get insurance that covered birth control. But I don’t want to see that mandated. I don’t want to see any coverage mandated.

I’m further disgusted with the President for choosing this fight. He could have chosen anything to start the coverage mandate fight on. But he chose birth control because he knew what would happen: we would end up in a debate about birth control and not one about economics. Remember when playing political games with women’s health was a bad thing?

And I’m finally disgusted with the Republicans for stepping right into the bear trap. They could have framed this debate the right way: being about economics and not religion. They could be proposing a bill that suspends all federal coverage mandates. But instead they got bogged down in this stupid culture war bullshit. And now we are all paying the price. Not just politically … but economically. Because by fighting over birth control, they have left untouched the basic idea that government can dictate what kind of insurance we can buy.

And so, in the end, the loser in this situation is not Limbaugh, who is gaining attention. It’s not Obama or even the GOP, who are able to rally their bases. It’s us … all of us … everyone who has an economic stake in this country. Because while we’ve been looking the other way, another bit of our freedom has been swiped out from under us.