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Want to see what propaganda looks like?

Then take a look at how “The Hill” reports the likely defeat of an idiotic democrat scheme to help union bosses make more money and lard democrat campaign coffers at the expense of economic growth, in the democrat controlled senate of all places, is happening because of republican resistance! As if you needed more proof that this is just political jockeying by the democrats, I show you this:

The Democrats’ minimum wage bill is set to die on the Senate floor Wednesday. Despite an intense push by President Obama and Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill, Senate Republicans haven’t budged and will reject the measure that would increase the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. The procedural roll call to advance the bill is expected to fail on a party-line vote, short of the 60 votes needed.

The legislation is coming up for a vote after weeks of delay, but a multipronged pressure campaign against Republicans has failed to fracture the GOP — in sharp contrast to prior election years. Democrats could bring the bill back to the floor many times between now and the midterm elections, but the small window for a bipartisan compromise or a GOP capitulation has all but shut. The GOP-led House, meanwhile, is adamantly opposed to the Senate measure.

Yeah sure. The problem this thing can’t pass in a democrat controlled senate, where Harry Reid and the democrats have held the nation hostage for going on 6 years now, is the republicans. And democrats thinks this minimum wage hike bill is such an important thing to have – for economic growth I bet – that they are going to keep bringing it back, many times, the article quotes, before the midterm elections. Seriously, do we need to rehash how idiotic this all looks and plays out to be? The idea is idiotic and will cause economic harm, and the democrats know it, but it plays well with the envious idiots that think families actually exist out there where the main bread winner is only getting paid a minimum wage.

Jackals, I tell you. The fucking class warriors do not care who they screw over and how much lying they have to do to help them steal elections. They would rather burn the house down than concede their ideas abject are failures with real and detrimental economic consequences. You want to really tell me that the scorched earth machine Reis has been running with an iron fist can’t find a few east coast RINOS to vote along with them to pass this thing? Ask yourself why that would be the case.

I usually don’t hold a very high opinion of the young and mushy headed, but I am surprised that so many amongst them get it. The sad thing is that this distrust should be prevalent amongst all of us. Just look at the track record of these credentialed elite. Look at their bank accounts before and after they got elected too. That will give you a clear picture of what is going on and why things are broken beyond anything they had ever been before.

This is what that “hope and fundamental change” Obama promised you idiots that voted for him, not once, but twice, looks like. Instead of doing things to help the average person, they grandstand and want things that will cause even more economic ruination. And then simply because it helps enrich them. Fucking parasites.

This is how democracy will perish

I want my free shit, and I want it now!. Never mind that we can’t pay for this stuff. Take away from anyone that has more than me, and make sure I keep getting the free ride. And this is what Obama and his crew want to turn America into. Maybe we deserve the dark ages we are heading for as the collectivists destyroy a couple of cenutries of prosperity out of jealousy and envy.

Oh, well. Who needs something as balse as the concept of a devil and hell when mankind is so eager to inflict it all upon itself, huh? Only a tyrannical master with absolute power can guarantee equality, and then, the only equality it can guarantee is mesery for all thatare not part of the inner circle. But hey, let’s try this again. It’s not as if we have a century of proof that it