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Rodney King Gone

I always felt a little bad for the guy. I mean … not really bad. He was a convicted criminal who was driving drunk and acting bizarrely when the beating occurred. But I don’t think he ever intended to become a pawn of the race baiters. And he seemed genuinely appalled by the rioting.

He drowned today at age 47.

Doesn’t seem like it could be 21 years ago that LA exploded in flames. My PhD advisor was living there at the time and said planes taking off from LAX were diverting around the riot. My only experience was dealing with a campus that decided to recognize the event skipping classes and hitting on each other on the campus lawn having a “teach in” where they condemned the racism intrinsic in … a diversity-oriented administration at a small liberal arts college.


Here’s a quick question: would the LA riots happen today? If a similar incident occurred? I don’t think so, given the huge drop in crime overall. But I’m known to be optimistic that way.