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The Fat Man On A Speed Bag

You can tell convention season is in the air. Those lucky enough to get a speaking gig are getting their warm ups on, lacing their running shoes, and getting in some easy sitters at the net, just for practice, talk about a lay up:

California is fair game, the epitome of mis management under the failed leadership of the dems, although according to Barron’s this week, Connecticut (followed by Illinois) is in far worse shape wrt to state finances, that should cheer up some of our regulars here.

I was looking at the speaking lineups for the RNC convention and it appeared (at least to me) that some notable heavy weights are conspicuously absent. But first, let’s talk about those fifth wheels that are cock blocking our reputation. Yes, it is good for their image to kiss the ring, but who cares about John Boehner or John McCain? Both good men, but really, yesterday’s newspapers which was all blood and gore.

But why is Ron Paul not speaking? Yes, the crazy uncle may go off his meds that day and start barking at the moon, and he is getting video time, but he still has many followers who wouldn’t share cab fair with Romney. No, the Paulbots won’t go Obama, but they might stay home, bring them in to the tent. Where is Herman Cain? I’m sure he could manage to say a few nice things about Romney, Cain delegates would appreciate the gesture. And where is Sarah? Come on guys, get that testosterone level jacked up. She has been a good loyal soldier, campaigned when asked, and went home when asked. 2008 was on McCain, Sarah is very good at whipping up the crowd, and most in the party still love her.

Incidentally, anybody else catch the story about the porn star look alike who will also by in Tampa this week? 40 seems a bit old to me for this line of work. And notice that no matter who Hollywood gets to imitate her, whether it is sitcoms, movies, or porn shoots, the imitation is never ever as good as the real deal looks wise?

I was rather proud of Reince Priebus when the other week he called Harry Reed a “dirty” liar, but today I noticed a YouTube video making the rounds on the right wing sites of him getting his ass handed to him by Chris Matthews, Chris Matthews? that little pussy, geeze Reince, if you can’t handle little Tinglee leg, what good are you?

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