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LSM hypocrisy

This is how the LSM reported the Michigan protests by union thugs, pissed that they had lost the vote the made Michigan another right-to-work state:

Crowds tore down two large tents that had been set up on the Capitol’s front lawn, one for right-to-work supporters, who were greatly outnumbered among the demonstrators, and another for opponents. No one was reported injured.

The video below showed what the union thugs really did. Let me know if you still think the LSM reported this accurately or if their was more of the usual lies by omission bullshit that has been going on for way too long:

Yeah. sure. Nobody was hurt. Imagine this was a Tea Party rally and the some old lady spit in the direction of a LSM member. Can you imagine the 24/7 coverage and accusations of hate and violence? In this case where we had serious violence from one of the left’s special interests? Nobody was hurt!