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Rainbow Retards

The right (?) to foist my opinion on others, regardless of setting, circumstances or the receptiveness of the audience, an inalienable right, or just the peculiarities of the clueless left? Right Online just wrapped up their conference in Minneapolis. Of those invited to speak, some were presidential candidates such as Michele Bachmann:

Before I lay into this……………….young lady, let’s all agree that throwing confetti at someone is pretty innocuous. Given what many lefty loons use as ammo, pies , blood, flour, eggs, confetti seems harmless.

You would have thought after the Gifford’s shooting that some extra security for all politicians in public would be SOP, how is it possible that this woman got so close to Bachmann? Even in a somewhat secure environment (this woman had no trouble registering and getting an invite) there was no security buffer, no one standing between a potential crazy loon carrying whatever weapons she could smuggle in and the unknowing victim. This should be a wake up call for all the other candidates.

So Glitter Girl does not like Michele’s take on gay marriage ,”When politicians continue this anti gay attacks against families like mine”, so disagreeing with your position on gay marriage is an attack? Could it be assumed then that disagreeing with Michele, who thinks that the word “marriage” should be reserved for a man/woman union, is an attack on her and her family? All differences of opinion are now attacks? Since same sex marriage is a states rights issue, where many states have in fact legalized it (others recognize it) and Obama has already ordered Justice to stop defending it in court, how about she goes through the process and gins up support in whatever state she resides at for it’s acceptance, and quit throwing things at people?

I guess I should appreciate the limits she places on herself, as long as no one gets hurt (that’s more than what many of these loons do), but what happens if Michele slides on a confetti laden floor and breaks her neck?

How about if all these folks that have a message that just has to get out into the public domain, how about if they all wear a sign that says ,”look at me, I’m special”? I promise, I will recognize the effort put forth in not being a git, and might even consider your message, see, I”m with you, I think the states should decide this as well. But quit being a bloody bore and throwing shit, it’s stupid.