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On Poisonous Political Rhetoric

This will be a short post, more because I don’t think there’s much that can be said on the subject. Sometimes there’s no point to ranting, tearing down, or strawmanning, when your opponent is perfectly capable of setting themselves on fire.

Basically, it is this: Michelle Obama has invited in fellow Rev. Wright devotee “Common” to the White House to read some of his poetry. His poems have included such subject matter as the glorifying of killing police officers and calling for the assassination of President Bush.

This has prompted a media that was, not a few short months ago remember, blaming-but-not-really-blaming-even-though-it’s-their-fault the entirety of the right wing and their “poisonous political rhetoric” for the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Giffords. Now, negative reaction to someone who is actually guilty of violent rhetoric being invited to and honored at the White House is treated with more condescension than you would think humanly possible by HuffPo, as “giving the GOP something to whine about” by The Stir (who also refers to the violence-advocator in question as a “thoughtful, socially conscious artist“, emphasis theirs), and so on.

Seriously, sometimes you’d think that the only way they keep from getting dizzy from all the spin is that they somehow get extra balance from having two faces.

Here’s the Google News collection of stories on the subject if you’d like to dig through for some more winners.