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Jim Crow in Pink?

Last week, the Kansas House passed a bill that would basically provide legal protection for religion-based anti-gay discrimination.

On Wednesday, the Kansas House passed HB 2453, which offers legal protection to individuals and businesses that refuse service for same-sex couples, specifically those looking to get married. Under the bill’s language, individuals, businesses and government employees would be immune from legal reprisal for refusing service if they have “sincerely held religious beliefs” opposing customers’ orientation. HB

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Saudi Justice

Ah, Saudi Arabia:

A Saudi court jailed a Lebanese man for six years and sentenced him to 300 lashes after convicting him of encouraging a Saudi woman to convert to Christianity, Saudi dailies reported Sunday.

The same court sentenced a Saudi man convicted in the same case to two years in prison and 200 lashes for having helped the young woman flee the ultra-conservative, US-backed Sunni kingdom, local daily Al-Watan said.

The July

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Francis I

There’s a new pope in town and, by the Church’s standard, he’s pretty revolutionary:

  • The first non-European Pope since the 5th century.
  • The first Jesuit Pope.
  • The first original Papal name since the 10th century (I don’t count John Paul as original).
  • I find the Jesuit thing the most surprising. I never thought we would see a Jesuit Pope. He’s 76 so we’ll see how much of an influence he has. But my first impressions … Read more

    Hey Mr DJ: Excommunicate and Exterminate Edition

    Three significant departures in the past week:

    1) My wife’s grandfather died. He was a good, noble man. A veteran of WW2 and a true pillar of his community.

    2) The freakin-a-Pope has hung up the big hat. His legacy was a short one, historical only in the nature of his departure. He ruled a grand, but troubled institution. Yet nothing indicated that he was a bad man and he faithfully and humbly served as … Read more

    History Existed Before Bible Says Pat Robertson

    Holiest of Shits!

    Look, I know that people will probably try to lynch me when I say this, but Bishop [James] Ussher wasn’t inspired by the Lord when he said that it all took 6,000 years. It just didn’t. You go back in time, you’ve got radiocarbon dating. You got all these things and you’ve got the carcasses of dinosaurs frozen in time out in the Dakotas.

    They’re out there. So, there was a time

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    The Salafists Honor 9/11

    Well, at least the Egyptians decided to do something to honor the day:

    Angry protesters climbed the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Cairo on Tuesday and hauled down the American flag, replacing it with a black standard with Islamic emblems, apparently in protest of the production of a film thought to insult the Prophet Mohammed.

    The incident prompted a volley of warning shots to be fired as a large crowd gathered outside, said CNN

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    Earlier this week, the Left Wing Echosphere was atwitter at the news that a Louisiana school eligible for vouchers had a fundamentalist religious science agenda that teaches, among other things, that the Loch Ness Monster is real and its existence refutes evolution. “Oh, Woe!” they cried, “our tax dollars are going to teach students this rubbish!”

    Now never mind that, with hundreds of schools eligible for vouchers, you’re almost certain going to find some that … Read more

    They smell weakness…

    The world’s biggest gang of Knaves, thieves, child molesters, murder lovers, and murderers is at it again. The assholes that are defending Assad’s efforts to keep the Syrians oppressed, while killing thousands, now are demanding Americans be put on trial for the Koran burning incident that was used by members of the “religion of peace” to commit violence and murder infidels. Yeah sure, we will get right on it. As soon as you also demand … Read more

    Useful Idiots

    Although Lenin gets credit (probably not deserved) for coining the phrase, the basic premise reveals mountains concerning the human condition. I always liked the phrase ,”The path to Hell is paved with good intentions”, another window which we can peer through, but to get seemingly good/honest people to do your bidding, to garner unwitting support for a malignant cause through charitable/peaceful acts, genius.

    The latest example of a truly useful idiot comes from Hollywood land, … Read more

    Yes, Minister

    SCOTUS is issuing rulings left, right and center. And today it issued an important one that was also a defeat for the Obama Administration:

    In what may be its most significant religious liberty decision in two decades, the Supreme Court on Wednesday for the first time recognized a “ministerial exception” to employment discrimination laws, saying that churches and other religious groups must be free to choose and dismiss their leaders without government interference.

    “The interest

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