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They smell weakness…

The world’s biggest gang of Knaves, thieves, child molesters, murder lovers, and murderers is at it again. The assholes that are defending Assad’s efforts to keep the Syrians oppressed, while killing thousands, now are demanding Americans be put on trial for the Koran burning incident that was used by members of the “religion of peace” to commit violence and murder infidels. Yeah sure, we will get right on it. As soon as you also demand that we prosecute every foreigner that burned an American flag or beheaded an American citizen, you assholes. The world truly doesn’t deserve the peace Americans have sacrificed to give it. And have no doubt that it is Americans that have prevented the scumbags of the world from dong the usual butchering that history clearly shows us is the human condition.

Frankly, we need to be demanding the Afghanis and the UN both kiss or ass for trying to make things better for them. We should stop trying to be liked and get on with the business of being feared. The scum of the earth will never appreciate or like those that are ahead of them, but they sure as hell will behave if they fear you. Ask the western media if you want proof on how they pretend to be though on religion, but seem to avoid doing that one the one needing it the most. And that is because they fear the insane bastards that belong to that religion. Obama needs to tell them to kiss his ass, not appologize.