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Psycho Girlfriends

Last week I ran into an ex girlfriend who I hadn’t seen in several years, not since like I got married. Reminiscing is always fun and she seems happy but all the while I could not shake this unsettling feeling I had in the pit of my stomach. After we parted, it kicked in what was eating at me, she was a psycho girlfriend, not one of those quirky idiosyncratic types that initially is appealing but turns creepy over night, no, she was the Glenn Close type. I started remembering those stranger then life scenes that precipitated the break up, the box left on my doorstep laden with gifted lingerie that met an unseemly demise with a pair of scissors, the tossed brick at my house that narrowly missed my window, and the numerous phone messages that intimated a sexual climax she would  obtain at anything involving my blood being spilled. Ah, good times,  then I  remembered this youtube video:



It is a few years old, but solid gold in revealing the travails involved when getting involved with “passionate” people. Oh, and any video that showcases a soundtrack from one of the best movies ever made, jackpot.


But with the ubiquity of female types out there that take “maintaining relationships” to totally unhealthy levels I figure I can’t be the only one that ever dated an Alex Forrest. I looked purgatory in the face and lived to tell about it.


So here is your chance, regale us with your tales of risking bodily harm,  your image and your own self esteem, just to get laid. I thought my own experience of the cut up lingerie was pretty creepy, can anybody top that?