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Harry and the Hindenburgs

Time to lighten the mood in here.

At long last, someone has drawn upon the power of helium to solve one of the greatest cryptozoological mysteries that nobody gives a damn about.

At the risk of taking this seriously, I have to wonder why he’s going with this gigantic, dual-blimp design instead of something more like a drone. Seems too big, expensive, and overly-experimental. And what is it really supposed to accomplish?

Let’s face it: If you want to prove Bigfoot exists, you’re going to have to shoot one and bring it back for testing. This silly bastard is going to get some fancy infrared images of indeterminable objects and animals but bring back nothing else.

Still, more power to him if he can get someone to pay for that crap. I personally would demand a dead, stinking carcass in return for my generous investment but I guess that some of us are just more evilly capitalistic than others.