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WTF I ask again:

A hotel has been forced to send out a letter to its British guests threatening £1,400 fines for anyone caught ‘logging’ in swimming pools while on holiday.

The bizarre internet craze (that’s no one had heard of until now) has apparently become a favourite pastime for ‘boozed up Brits abroad’, according to one holiday spot in Egypt.

The owners claim participants are deliberately pooing in their crowded pools before ‘watching

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The Scouts Go Pink

The Boy Scouts have announced that they might change the rules on admitting gay scouts (it will be left up to individual troops, not set as national policy). Here’s the thing I like about it: it didn’t come from a Court decision or a federal law. SCOTUS, in fact, rejected anti-discrimination lawsuits against the Boy Scouts because they are a private organization*. What’s changing this is pressure from without and within the organization.

In a

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