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The Man Who Can’t be King

SCOTUS again today. The Court struck down — unanimously — the President’s “recess” appointments to the National Labor Relations Board. I wrote about this before. Congress was in pro forma session and refusing to consider the President’s appointments to various agencies. The President argued they were effectively in recess and appointed people anyway. The Court has now unanimously struck that down with Scalia basically trashing the entire idea of recess appointments as an anachronism. … Read more

The Court in Recess

Yesterday, the DC Court struck down several of President Obama’s recess appointments:

In a ruling that called into question nearly two centuries of presidential “recess” appointments that bypass the Senate confirmation process, a federal appeals court ruled on Friday that President Obama violated the Constitution when he installed three officials on the National Labor Relations Board a year ago.

The ruling was a blow to the administration and a victory for Mr. Obama’s Republican critics

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Recess Time

Barack Obama has just made a recess appointment to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He’a also about to make appointments to the National Labor Relations Board. It’s fairly standard for Presidents to make recess appointments. And under Bush, it became standard when the Democrats obstructed appointments to open positions. There’s only one problem: the Senate is not in recess.

Congressional Republicans were furious Wednesday after President Obama’s recess appointment of Richard Cordray to head

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