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Oh, the irony!

It looks like some of the left’s most avid supporters are about to get a first hand taste about how “free shit” really works as they have been notified that their hours will be cut to save the college Obamacare costs.

Pennsylvania’s Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) is slashing the hours of 400 adjunct instructors, support staff, and part-time instructors to dodge paying for Obamacare.

“It’s kind of a double whammy for us

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Feeding Him Slow Pitches

In another installment of ,”Aren’t you glad you don’t live here?”, I present the president’s latest trip to the Bay Area. Into the belly of the beast, where the criticism is the loudest because the locals are hurting and just itching to blame someone for their problems, let’s hope he brought his “A” game with him to placate the angry mob. Oh wait, this is California, he gets more reach arounds here then at the … Read more