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You Gotta See This

One of the reasons (at least for me) that congress critters get such a low approval rating is their apparent lack of humanity. We see nonsense uttered on the congressional floor (both houses), not just puerile but downright noxious, inflammatory garbage, delivered solely to pander or foment, and it goes unchallenged by the other side. It’s like ho hum, this is what we do here, business as usual, how about Chinese for lunch? It pisses me off to hear absolute junk uttered by certain miscreants, and the guys supposedly on my side can’t be bothered to challenge it. Gone are the days, I guess, when men were men and honor demanded a response, in whatever form seemed appropriate. It is high time that a snake be called a snake, to his face, and let the chips falls where they may.

Some sparks flew from the Senate chamber yesterday, highly entertaining;

Notice how this weasel Rockefeller could not bring himself to apologize, no, he decides to double down on the stupid, make it worse by erecting strawmen as far as the eye can see, “You must want to go back to the old healthcare system”, and ,”You are satisfied with a lot of people not having health insurance”, and the last part was priceless. When called out on his denial with a plea of ,”lets listen to the tape”, the chairman says’ We can do that, but we aren’t going to”.

I was struck by all the empty seats in the committee, I guess after all that work legislating on changing the name of the Washington Redskins, they got all tuckered out and went home.

The GOP has acted like whipped dogs for the last 6 years whenever a baseless charge of racism comes out of the mouths of the opposition. Some have suggested that fire should be fought with fire and a light directed at the examples of racism perped by Holder and his ban of cronies. I would prefer to argue like gentlemen, until the line is crossed, at that point it is time to sack up and punish the evil, preferably is a spectacular manner.