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The Race Race

Nobody thought we would get there over night, only that we would get there, eventually. Dr. King’s vision of a colorblind society, no matter how noble or lofty, was never going to be easy.
Take a look at this Cheerios commercial:

Pretty cute, uh? Without going in to the nutritional accuracy of the claim, Cheerios has used other commercials to target the theme of a worried child or spouse wanting dad to eat Cheerios and thus have a longer happier life. Funny, but when I saw this commercial, my first reaction was a bristling at the continued promulgation of the stereotype that men are lazy, hence the nap on the couch. They couldn’t have the little girl pouring cereal on him while we was at his desk working on the family bills, underneath the sink fixing a leak, or proned out under the car changing the brakes?

No, what caused the firestorm was the existence of the interracial couple, so much as that they had to shut down the comment section;

A new Cheerios commercial featuring a biracial family has prompted a debate over race in America after drawing a host of ugly remarks online.

The commercial features a biracial daughter asking her white mother if Cheerios are good for your heart, and then dumping a batch on her black father’s chest to playfully help his heart while he is sleeping on the couch. Some of the reaction was so offensive that General Mills, the maker of Cheerios, disabled the comments section on the YouTube video of the commercial. General Mills has announced it will not be pulling the ad due to any controversy.

And here I thought having a half black president was going to fix all this.

I understand that there will always be racist out there, and personally I think the US is handling (or trying) it’s racial divides better than many of those so called more civilized countries (you know, those non death penalty, austerity bad, long live the public sector, pensions for everyone countries), but when is the left going to figure out that going to the race card at the drop of a hat, and deflecting legitimate criticisms of our post racial president by labeling these criticisms as racist, thus deflating or delegitimizing the argument? this is not bridging the racial gap.

Fringe crazy people go crazy about everything, but in reality you’re making a statement about your company:

Kinda like chic-fil-A? Good thing General Mills does not have restaurants.

An entire thread itself could be written on how our president has sent race relations back a generation (some would say by design), but I focus on the progress we have made over the years.

We will never be able to fully remove politics out of the race equation, but society will be better served when it is the consensus that it is not necessary to go there. A serious recipe for addressing poverty, income equality, equal opportunity and removing whatever barriers that do exist for all to prosper and achieve, that was what Dr. King wanted most.

Rodney King Gone

I always felt a little bad for the guy. I mean … not really bad. He was a convicted criminal who was driving drunk and acting bizarrely when the beating occurred. But I don’t think he ever intended to become a pawn of the race baiters. And he seemed genuinely appalled by the rioting.

He drowned today at age 47.

Doesn’t seem like it could be 21 years ago that LA exploded in flames. My PhD advisor was living there at the time and said planes taking off from LAX were diverting around the riot. My only experience was dealing with a campus that decided to recognize the event skipping classes and hitting on each other on the campus lawn having a “teach in” where they condemned the racism intrinsic in … a diversity-oriented administration at a small liberal arts college.


Here’s a quick question: would the LA riots happen today? If a similar incident occurred? I don’t think so, given the huge drop in crime overall. But I’m known to be optimistic that way.