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Hey Mr DJ: Head Ballbangers Edition

I’m in the mood for some heavy shit this week. My boss is out of town and when he’s gone, my workload doubles since I am the the right-hand man. Not so much the Starscream to his Megatron since I do actually like and respect the guy. I’m more like Shockwave, kind of the loyal but utterly mad scientist-strategist type.

Interestingly, my manager is a big metalhead. He not only knows of obscure genres like “grindcore” and “screamo”, but he can even tell which is which. Generally, the louder the music coming from his office, the less we interrupt him during the day. Kind of sad to have it so quiet.

Some pulsating beats, frantic screaming, and haunting chords would wake me up and motivate me to carry on for yet another week. Might help me forget I have another month of the Overwork Cycle of Doom I’ve been on since July. I can go without my Brit-pop and punk rock for a week, I guess.

Some Death Metal stuff would be great, as would some old Dio or what-have-you. Assuming that you know what is Metal, fire away.

Mississippi Yankee: I Ejaculate Fire by Dethklok. Sorry, I had to get this out of the way. I’ll totally make it up to you next time.

pfluffy: Polaris by Megadeth. Fun fact I’ve probably mentioned once or twice: I used to play Civilization 2 without rest on Super Nintendo back in the 90’s. Once I developed nuclear weapons, it was all but over and horrible to the last. I made Hitler look like Richard Simmons, virtually speaking, and this song stayed on repeat–loudly–from the time I got the first warhead loaded onto a sub until the last enemy city was charred, even if it took a century. Pretty sure that’s Metal.

Santino: Duality by Slipknot. Perfect summary of my mental condition and outlook over the last three months. Launch the fucking Polaris already.

InsipiD: Hellrider by Judas Priest. My favorite by that band.

CM: Danger Zone by Kenny Loggins. Oh, wait. Try this.

Biggie G: Wilma’s Rainbow by Helmet. Metal without Leather? Yes!

WVR: Only by Anthrax. Absolutely one of my top favorite metal albums and I don’t care what anyone has to say about that. Remember this bit of awesome from back in the day?

Dave Mustaine: Metallica sues the fans who listen to their music on the Internet. Megadeth chats with their fans on Facebook. Questions? Thanks to pfluffy for pointing this out. The Killing Road by Megadeth. Best song from their best album.