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Hey Mr DJ: Incoherent Interventionism Edition

It’s safe to say that America’s political elite has finally managed to completely divorce itself from its constituents, the military, almost every other country on Earth, and possibly reality itself on the issue of the Syrian Civil War. Nobody understands what those fools are doing; but like a roomful of chainsaw-wielding crackheads, they’re certain to hurt a lot of people in the course of being crazy and stupid.

Mind you, the entire country has not lost its mind. The political bloggers, journalists, and other commentators of all ideological representation agree that the decision to jump into the middle of Syria is bizarre and will likely worsen the situation. There’s no clear benefit and the risks are severe. I’ve seen some outstanding writing about all of it here on RTFLC and sites spanning the spectrum from Huffington Post to Ace of Spades.

The government is actively turning itself against the people at every turn, it’s just fortunate for them that we’re all still more stunned and confused than really pissed off now. Hell, even the NRA and the ACLU have teamed up against the NSA and its fetish for spying on Americans (as well as their own spouses). How much more weird can you take?

What is wrong with our “leaders”? Well, I’m sure it’s probably money. They seem to like it and there is almost certainly a correlation in the relationship between those who receive a lot of goodies from the defense industry and those who want to keep the wars going. Also, they are too often proven to be amoral and self-serving fucking idiots compared to normal people.

The primary question we have is what Congress will decide. Our nation’s foreign policy is completely bonkers. Is this about human rights, WMD non-proliferation, geopolitical rivalry with Russia, a continuation of the Obama Administration’s grand master plan to support the Arab Spring and destabilize the entire Middle East in hopes that it turns out with super democracy, save Israel, piss off/weaken Iran by proxy, or, or…yes? Without comprehending any of the pro-war arguments coming from Washington’s leaders in the Boehner-Pelosi-Reid-Obama Axis of Dumbass, I can’t know what to expect. Nobody can. This Administration has such low credibility on so many things, that it probably doesn’t matter what Congress does anyway.

It’s as if we have no plan; indeed, no foreign policy at all. We kind of just kill people from far away with electronically-guided explosives or throw money at them to try to make them like us. Sometimes, we even throw money at people we should bomb and we bomb people in countries that we consider allies. In increasingly common circumstances, we manage to end up getting hated by people who hate each other in the same countries we’re trying to help (i.e. Egypt, Syria).

It’s The Age of Folly. Lie to me and tell me it’ll work out in spite of our ruling class.

Remember that the embedded video is the entire playlist. I update it with your selections as I can. Here are this week’s options.

1. “I Didn’t Set a Red Line”: Celebrate incoherence with the most maddeningly undecipherable songs you can find.

2. “There’s a Bathroom on the Right“: Reference your favorite frequently misunderstood song lyrics here.

3. “Beware the Military-Industrial Complex”: All about people (including the artists who perform the songs you post) who will sell out for anything.

4. Vlad the Infallible: Songs filled with smart questions or with appeals to good sense.

5. Go ahead and just tell the Powerful how much they suck at everything they do. Call them out for all their hubris, greed, and ineptitude.

“Buck Stops Over There, Somewhere” Bonus: Calling for help from Mom and Dad, the authorities, anybody. You don’t want to be held responsible for anything, do you?

To benefit the goals of our incoherent mission statement, you shouldn’t identify which category is which. This will be especially fun if anyone goes rogue.

It’s Friday and I have to go on a business trip over the weekend. I’ll be around all day though. Please keep it going until I return on Monday. SOMEBODY has to take care of something in the world, right?

Mississippi Yankee: Flying into the Sun by Crystal Stilts

Santino: Shithawks by The Flatliners

pfluffy: Informer by Snow

CM: Nine in the Afternoon by Panic! At the Disco

WVR: Yellow Ledbetter (Misheard Lyrics Video) by Pearl Jam

Biggie G: King of Fools by Social Distortion

Here’s a rare display of Twitter activism on my part as well as a big thumbs up to Rep. Alan Grayson: #Don’tAttackSyria. Sign the petition already. He’s agreed to pester your representative for you.