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More Farting Sounds From Unions

There is a cost for wetting your beak. When you get called to the table of Marsellus Wallace and get your bulging envelope, a quid pro quo is expected. It may be to go down at a certain round ,”It’s just not your night, Butch”, or more commonly, to break out the brass knuckles and unleash the thuggery. The unions take their marching orders from one man, those cushy benefits and that fashionable purple T shirt does not come gratis, like the dancing monkey with the organ player, when he plays, you dance.

Now that the Chicago teachers are back to work (too bad for the students) the torch gets passed, other unions equally indentured to the master must carry on and provide a voice for the message.

AFSCME is another in a long line of lap dogs for Obama (Those Tony Soprano types don’t talk so good, but they get the job done). And speaking of garbage:

I just don’t, you know, understand, you know, what this guy’s beef is, you know, because, you know, he is getting paid for that job he does, you know.

I have been living in the same house now for about 23 years, not once have I ever gone outside to bullshit with the “sanitary workers” that pick up my garbage. Mostly because they come early in the morning, but the few times that I am out there getting my paper when they arrive, a friendly “Good morning” is about it, no hand shakes, no ,”Gee, thanks so much for making sure I don’t die of some grizzly disease like bubonic plague, you guys are life savers and deserve way more then you are getting paid”, which btw is probably more then 80% of all private sector workers out there.

I would bet that the Romney residence is pretty far removed from the curb at which said garbage man makes his appearance, I doubt anyone inside would even know he is out there trolling for accolades. But we can just naturally assume that since Mitt did not come out with a Gatorade, or the misses didn’t bring out any baked cookies, that he is a mean heartless SOB, a rich guy far removed from the reality of working stiffs, and he does not care about black people, or poor people.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, both sides need to up the level of their game, stuff like this is just pathetic. If you don’t have clear proof of degradation or depravity, stay on the sidelines, and give back that envelope of cash, you don’t deserve it.