Tag: Punish the stupid people too

This should be a national law!

Every once in a while some politician has a good idea that should be made law:

A Maryland state senator has crafted a bill to curb the zeal of public school officials who are tempted to suspend students as young as kindergarten for having things — or talking about things, or eating things — that represent guns, but aren’t actually anything like real guns.

Sen. J. B. Jennings, a Republican who represents Baltimore Harford Counties, introduced “The Reasonable School Discipline Act of 2013″ on Thursday, reports The Star Democrat. “We really need to re-evaluate how kids are punished,” Jennings told The Star Democrat. “These kids can’t comprehend what they are doing or the ramifications of their actions.”

Faster please! And forget how kids are punished: punish the fucking liberal idiots that hope to instill fear of firearms in all kids by getting kids in trouble for pretend or look alike guns and report pop tarts that look like guns as problems. I bet if these antigun activist fuckbags see their careers torpedoed for getting kids in trouble based on a stupid policy that can punish you for having a pop tart shaped like a gun, we will get some balance. I would much prefer sensible laws, but since we can not get those, lets get laws that fuck over the people that abuse common sense in the name of the radical left’s agenda.