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The Five Hundred Puppet March

Ladies and gentlemen, I gave you the loneliest demonstrators in history:

It wasn’t nearly a million by the Count’s best standards, but hundreds gamely rallied in support of Big Bird and public funding for PBS in Washington, DC, yesterday with chants of “El-mo, we won’t go!” reports CNN. Many a Kermit, Cookie Monster, and other puppets joined the so-called Million Puppet March to the Reflecting Pool, taking aim at Mitt Romney’s threat to take Big Bird off the public dole. “We’re just making it clear that public media matters and it’s something that we want to see supported and we still want to see federal funding of,” a co-organizer of the march tells the AFP.

Hundreds of people is … nothing. In Washington, you can get several hundred protesters to show up in favor of anchovies. Surprisingly, no one is really terribly moved about an off-hand comment Romney made in the first debate about cutting PBS’s funding (which, just to repeat, will not endanger Big Bird as he is run by an independent studio).

I realize some people thought this would be a big deal. But for most sane people, PBS funding ranks about 847th on their political priority list.