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The Five Hundred Puppet March

Ladies and gentlemen, I gave you the loneliest demonstrators in history:

It wasn’t nearly a million by the Count’s best standards, but hundreds gamely rallied in support of Big Bird and public funding for PBS in Washington, DC, yesterday with chants of “El-mo, we won’t go!” reports CNN. Many a Kermit, Cookie Monster, and other puppets joined the so-called Million Puppet March to the Reflecting Pool, taking aim at Mitt Romney’s threat to take

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Occupy Yawn Street

I just can’t take these guys seriously. That’s what it amounts to. I’ve seen them run this dog and pony show out there too many times: for Republican conventions, for IMF meetings, for the Iraq War, for Earth Day. And they fall into an all-too-familiar pattern.

Step One: Identify an actual issue.

This can take time, since your professional protester can find issue with just about anything but it’s hard to find an issue … Read more