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The freak show in WI getting better.

For those of you that might have missed the aftermath of the Wisconsin off schedule special judicial elections I an update. But first a little background. The new governor of Wisconsin, the republican Scott Walker, ran and won the election on a promise to fix Wisconsin’s woeful fiscal state. As one of his first moves, he pushed for a law that would break the stranglehold public unions had on the state. The main issue was the cozy relationship between democrat lawmakers and the public union bosses, the two parties that ended up sitting across from each other during negotiations, where mandatory union dues, used by these bosses to live lavish lifestyles and to buy these democrats come campaign time with huge donations, that had left Wisconsin tax payer with impossible to pay for financial obligations.

Walker’s bill simply killed the practice of having union dues be deducted automatically. This would have basically meant the end to the union bosses’ ability to rake in massive amounts of cash while killing the stranglehold the democrats they bought had on any elections by the sheer volume of cash they received from these public union bosses. So the democrats, in an attempt to prevent this move that would have saved the Wisconsin tax payer but doomed them and their union boss buddies, fled the state to avoid a vote hoping that they could force the other side to drop the bill as they orchestrated a well backed, media supported, campaign of disinformation about what the deal really was. The media and even the WH came to their aid, and instead of the focus remaining on the real issue – how the democrats and the public union bosses had ripped off the Wisconsin tax payer to the point that the state was looking at the same fiscal future of California or Greece – they made it look like this was an anti-union movement period. It didn’t work well.

In the end the republicans found a perfectly legal way around the requirements that democrats be present for a vote and passed the bill anyhow. The left immediately went to their friends – the heavily partisan courts – to try to block it, and Judge Sumi, a hack of the first order, in an unprecedented move, issued an unsolicited injunction against the bill. A delaying tactic that didn’t do much good and was practically immediately turned over/vacated by the superior judge. Seeing that this would then make its way to the top, the left decided to focus on an off year special election for the Wisconsin supreme court where the sitting candidate, Judge Prosser, was already seen as a shoe in to win.

This election then grabbed national headlines as the left – both local and national democrats and their union buddies, whom the whole brouhaha that the law by Scott Walker was over – decided the way to stop the law was a simple majority on the supremes. Every union around the country and even the WH poured money and the usual astroturffer bussed in protestors in the hopes of propping up the left’s handpicked candidate, one with very little judicial or legal experience but whose qualifications as a partisan hack were impeccable, and challenged the foregone conclusion that Prosser would win. As usual with election in these lefty controlled strongholds, they waited till the last moment, when the other side’s tally was done, to send in just enough votes counted in the most heavy democrat precinct, to have their candidate win. In fact, with only a razor thin 250 or so vote margin, the democrat candidate Kloppenburg, declared victory. Only they either got outsmarted or justice prevailed, as their schemes used fell apart the next day, when it became obvious there had been a miscount that had kept all votes from a heavily republican precincts from being counted, and that with that vote, Prosser had won the election by picking up over 7.5K votes.

Kloppenburg’s team, whom had declared victory with a razor thin 250 vote margin and felt there had been no need to trigger the recount mandated under Wisconsin law when they where ahead, immediately called for a recount now that they where behind by some 8K votes. Ironic, huh? Anyway, the recount happened and in the end it was impossible for the left to “find” enough uncounted votes to prevent Prosser from wining anyway. Fade out Kloppenburg. But things got better: WI supremes threw out Sumi’s ridiculous stay, clearing the way for the bill to become law in a big win for the Wisconsin tax payers.

Anyway, the left did not give up, even after going down in flames, twice. Seeing their chance to use the supreme court in WI to simply overturn a law they didn’t like – the legality be damned – they decided to pursue other courses of action. Attempts were made to blame their defeat on money from the “evil” Koch brothers, all while ignoring the enormous amount of money poured in by the unions & the democrats and all the astroturffing efforts leading all the way up to the WH, that dwarfed anyone else’s involvement in this freak show. They even started a movement for recall elections, on both sides, which then strangely had the democrat’s request for recall elections against republicans certified, while those by republicans against the democrats that fled the state mysteriously suffered setback after set back and couldn’t be run at the same time. Nobody expects these elections to do much, but expect massive cheating from the left.

With the bill going into law every democrat in the state that could, started throwing out challenge after challenge, in the hopes of delaying the law’s enactment as long as possible for the democrats and the union bosses to quickly negotiate themselves one final deal. A deal that would stick it as hard as possible to the tax payers and the republican law makers trying their best to get the public spending in Wisconsin back under control. But in the end, Prosser was going to be seated and the Walker bill was going to be law of the land, and once the union members realized how much money they now had to voluntarily turn over to their union bosses, that practice was going to end quickly.

So the union bosses are now left hoping that either the recall election or door to door canvassing was going to save their lucrative money making scheme. I hold very little hope for the recall elections going their way, and I am not going to be surprised to find out strong arm tactics are going to factor heavily into coercing these union members to give up money once they don’t get it automatically deducted. It looks bleak.

But the left is anything but tenacious, and that’s where this story comes in. It seems the left now has an orchestrated campaign to go after Prosser based on the claim nobody will corroborate and the purported victim even remains silent on, that Prosser got physical – not sexually but the claim is he choked her – with another judge, and they are all ecstatic that they now can go after Prosser. They are all gleefully thinking this will give them their opening to get rid of Prosser. What a bunch of idiots.

If Prosser goes, and if he did this he should go, guess what happens? Scott Walker replaces him! Even more important is all the silence from everyone involved, including the supposed victim. There is only one logical scenario for this to be playing out as it is: This female judge Bradley started the attack, and Prosser retaliated. Both realized what that meant for them career wise, and decided to drop the issue. Now the left is hoping to use one side of the story to get rid of Prosser, and not even bright enough to realize that even if they successfully keep Bradley’s whole role in this out of the limelight, Walker gets to replace Prosser, likely with someone much younger and more dedicated too. But worse, that if they can’t hide Bradley’s role, and in the era where the blogosphere no longer allows the MSM to control the narrative and the truth will come out, that Walker gets to replace not just Prosser, but Bradley too. Like everything else they have done to prevent their cherry deal at the expense of the tax payers of WI from going away, it looks like the left is about to shoot itself in the foot yet again. Sweet!