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Fugly Prius Owner

Sanctimony is hard work, even for the truly pious. Check out this prog Prius owner, know how I can tell her political affiliations? Her love and compassion for her fellow man, her tolerance for all things different, her calm and patient attitude in disagreements, her matriarchal affection for child rearing, oh, and her fastidiousness both in her grooming and appearance.

Saving the planet is a full time effort, and real environmentalists do not suffer the unconverted easily. It does not matter that her driving a Prius is actually harming the environment, or that the cat is out of the bag wrt it’s all bark, no bite approach. But Gaia is just like Allah, they are jealous gods who demand a stridency not for the faint of heart. It matters little it’s all flash, no substance, the mere appearance of following the Goracle’s tenet’s is worth a hand full of carbon credits.

The other thing a find a bit odd, yes, the couple with the kids are down home folk, classier by far then that out of control wildebeest, but the remarkable restraint they showed, good on them. I always start out composed, polite, and adult, but don’t pass up the chance to ramp it up if given permission, and when foul language is used in front of my kids, or personal abuse is applied in my presence, the starter gun just went off and like a corvette at 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds, it’s on. And when you think about it, that is the only thing that gets through to them anyway. This polite couple had no affect on this female Michael Moore, it will no doubt be a good story for her to tell at the evenings feeding with the rest of the pigs at the trough.

And you thought all the nutjobs were at the OWS riots.