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A Future VP Candidate, For Sure

What does Joe Biden, Jayson Blair, and a HS principal in NY have in common? This is just tooooooooo funny;

The key question which follows many of my posts, is this just a case of abject stupidity, or laziness? That kid was right, he is not writing his dissertation for his doctorate (what exactly is he a doctor of anyway?), nothing that would involve research or preparation, something short, original and from the heart would have sufficed.

The head teacher at this institution just taught the kids plenty, no need to put in the effort and create yourself, no, just steal from someone else, and get back to the game. The other lesson, crystal clear, rules only apply to schmucks, it matters not that the school has a Code of Conduct that lists plagiarism as a suspendable offense, that’s only for students, the adults get a pass. Kids, remember this, when you grow up, you too can bend the rules, circumvent the law, that is what will make you special. Oh, and vote Democrat, we need to keep that free stuff coming.