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Obama’s spend crazy gets major blow when House defeats debt increase request 318-97

Let’s look at ho CNN, one of those that constantly feels things go bad for the Obama Admin unexpectedly, puts the story into perspective right here:

Washington (CNN) — In a symbolic vote to send a message to budget negotiators, the House on Tuesday defeated a measure to raise the national debt ceiling without any accompanying deficit or spending reduction provisions.

The Republican-controlled House voted 318-97 on the legislation that would have raised the federal government’s debt limit by approximately $2.4 trillion.

Under rules for the vote set by the GOP leadership, the measure needed at least two-thirds support to pass, ensuring it had no chance for approval.

Symbolic vote? Heh, if a nuke going off is symbolic I guess. And WTF is it with this attempt to pretend the GOP rigged the rules to prevent this form passing? 82 democrats, including Pelosi, Hoyer, and DNC chief Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, voted with republicans and the American people and against the WH on this, leaving the other 97 donkeys to piss on our legs and tell us not to worry because its just warm rain by voting for this, and another 7 to vote present, in honor of Obama’s past votes of the same kind, I am sure, and 6 to not even bother showing up. The bad guys here aren’t the republicans you dimwits, no, the bad guys are the morons that think we can just keep spending our kid’s future into servitude to our debt holders.

The vote was scheduled by Republican leaders to show that any attempt to divorce an increase in the debt ceiling from spending reduction efforts — a move initially favored by the Obama White House — cannot win congressional approval.

At least the reality that the collectivist money printers are not going to get to keep spending like they know an asteroid is going to wipe civilization of the planet in a few months anyway, so there isn’t any reason to worry about the long term consequences of their Keynesian bullshit, is sinking in. And Obama didn’t favor this shit “initially”. The WH has wanted this debt bump so the democrats could keep playing the games they have been playing for the last 3 or so years with the budget. Spending in ways that would make drunken sailors hitting the red district after months at sea look like fiscal conservatives. The other side?

Democrats called the move a dangerous political stunt that could rattle financial markets.

“We understand the views that are being expressed” by the vote, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters before the vote. “We share the concerns that drive those views. (But) in the end, the debt ceiling has to be raised.”

Yeah, that’s why 82 of them House donkeys went on the record for that “dangerous political stunt”. And no, the debt should not be raised. This out of control spending has to be rolled back, and rolled back drastically. We can’t afford it. That’s the facts.

President Barack Obama is scheduled to meet with congressional Republicans on Wednesday as part of the administration’s ongoing debt-ceiling and related budget negotiations. Vice President Joe Biden has been holding similar talks with a bipartisan congressional delegation in recent weeks.

Hopefully he will get the message. Oh, and if you have a chance read the comments on that CNN article. Some of those libs make our old resident fool Moogoo look like a freaking Noble Peace Prize winner for all that is worth these days. Anyway, now, maybe the crazy spenders will finally agree to real cuts and we can start moving things in the right direction.