The January Surprise

For those wondering ,”Where is Herman?” I guess he is out of the dog house with his wife (his charge cards are maxed out at Tiffany’s, even with the Newt discount), so he has now decided to make himself relevant again.

For those that watched the video, did Herman goose that lady in the red top? Old habits die hard. But more importantly , is there any significance to be gleaned from the fact that when Herman came on stage, he greeted everyone except Newt? No eye contact, no hand shake, no words, no acknowledgement at all that he was even on stage, this seemed odd to me. Yeah, he made up for it later.

Naturally, the timing was propitious given the latest Florida poll results. A Newt victory there would be put Romney clearly on the mat.

The text of the speech seemed a bit odd to me as well. A 7 minute endorsement speech and all we know about Newt is that he is a patriot, not afraid of bold ideas, and he cares, that is all the qualifications he can come up with? I thought the Edmund Burke/evil reference was also misplaced. The cavalier throwing of the word “evil” around is just as bad as going to the racist well all the time. Nothing is gained with this tactic, and much is lost.

I’ve decided that, as much as I liked Herman in the past and how much he has brought to the Republican table, I hope he goes the Sarah Palin route, makes lots of bank selling books and speaking fees, but stays out of politics. I don’t even want him as a VP nod and think there are much better more qualified people (Marco, I’m looking at you).

So will this endorsement help Newt with a Florida win?