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Bowles Bowled Over

Who says the dems are all dunderheads?

The devil is always in the details. What Simpson/Bowles, the Romney Plan, and Ryan’s Path To Prosperity all have in common is taking on that all too obvious but all to allusive problem of closing tax loopholes. Nobody likes fat cats and hired gun tax accountants affording themselves of the legal system in not paying their fair share, what ever that means.

The NCFRR was a good idea, achieving fiscal sustainability wrt budgetary matters, who could be against that? And much time was spent in choosing the co chairs, both men must be measured, respected, and influential within their respective parties. Too bad the commission was only window dressing.

But Erskine Bowles was, and still is, a man of vision, just not the vision the president shares:

Good thing he is out of politics, as the centurion said two thousand years ago, “No water for him”.