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On Thanksgiving day, a reminder to all

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Mine is going to be a rotten one. I will spare you the details of why and instead focus on one of the biggest problems I see us facing in America: the people that shape and spread the narrative are doing it to protect the ideological agenda, and it is only going to get worse until we admit that what they believe in, no matter how noble they pretend it … Read more

Turkeys and Drumsticks 2012

For five years running, I have taken advantage of the Thanksgiving Holiday to give out my awards for Turkey of the Year and Golden Drumsticks. The latter are for those who exemplify the best traits in our public sphere. The former are for those who exemplify silliness and stupidity. I rarely give them out to someone who is evil; they are reserved for those who regularly makes me shake my head and wonder what they’re … Read more

Candidate For a Day

It’s been a couple of days since the second debate. It seems to me that the compelling theme was the lack of vision from either candidate. Mitt Romney seemed pretty clear he thought he could do a better job than that Obama guy but wasn’t really clear on what he’d do differently other than cut taxes. And Barack Obama seemed pretty clear he thought he could do a better job than that Obama guy, … Read more

Election 2012: IV. Why We Should Vote Against Barack Obama

(This is the fourth of five posts I will put up over the weeks of and after the conventions, exploring my thoughts on the Presidential election. Parts one and two were reasons to vote for and against Mitt Romney; Parts three and four will be reasons to vote for and against Barack Obama. Part five will wrap up. Keep in mind, this is my thinking as we went through the conventions. It’s likely that Read more

Lose-Lose-Win at the NAACP

So, let me get this straight. If Mitt Romney refused to address the NAACP, it would be because he is a racist who doesn’t care about black people. And, apparently, if he does address the NAACP, he’s still a racist who doesn’t care about black people.

Look, I thought Mitt’s speech was a bit clumsy and not well-tailored to his audience (although his reception was a lot more cordial than the video clips let on). … Read more


The first official vote of the 2012 race is today in Iowa. It looks like the result will be a near tie between Paul, Romney and … I can’t believe I’m typing this .. Santorum. Perry and Gingrich are likely to finish a ways back. Bachmann and Santorum are likely to be way back.

This thing has already dragged out over a year and I think I’ve made my opinions of the candidates clear. I … Read more

They admit they wanted it to fail!

And that’s because they think they profit from that failure. Barney Frank, he who with another crook, Chris Dodd, was instrumental in the last housing market collapse, and, whom i remind you all demanded to “fix it”, and thus, have set us up for an even bigger one in the near future, admits that the super committee, that many like me have pointed out was set up from the start to fail by the left, … Read more

Occupy Continues To Lose Sympathy

You know, I heard a lot of criticism of the Tea Party back in the day. But I don’t recall them do anything like this:

Police have arrested an Occupy Fort Collins protester in connection with a $10 million arson fire that damaged dozens of condominiums and businesses in Fort Collins.

Benjamin David Gilmore, 29, was arrested on Thursday night on suspicion of arson, burglary and criminal mischief.

On Oct. 24, a fire started

Read more

Like Herpes…

It looks like one of the DNC tax payer subsidized propaganda arms, even after being defunded, simply will not go away. Who am I talking about? Well the organization previously know as ACORN. Seems they are in the news again and not surprisingly, they are part & parcel of the OWS protests.

Officials with the revamped ACORN office in New York — operating as New York Communities for Change — have fired staff, shredded reams

Read more

This is one of the guy that “knows” how to fix the economy?

Talking about the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, whom yesterday dropped another shit bomb. Lets remember that our nation is faced with an unprecedented crisis and economic downturn that has left us with a historically high and long lasting unemployment rate of 9.1%, with the LSM for months now telling us things are going to get better followed by “unexpected” job loss numbers of 400K+ every month. Lets not forget that Reid & company … Read more

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