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That’s not what he said…

I was reading Navy Times article titled “Decorated SEAL Rob O’Neill supports women in special operations” because I was surprised to hear anyone outside of the PC crowd claiming this was a good idea, and as I suspected, the title of the article was bogus. Why do I say that? Here is the opening paragraph:

Former Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator (SEAL) Rob O’Neill said on Tuesday that he supports women joining the nation’s elite special operations teams, becoming the highest-profile special operations veteran to support the controversial effort.

If you read only that opening paragraph and the article’s title, you get the impression that O’Neil is bucking top brass and going against the trend and pushback from the SPECOPS commanders. The article even makes that claim:

O’Neill voiced his support, bucking the trend of high-ranking officers, special operators and other combat veterans decrying the move.

Except, that’s not even close to the truth. What follows is the critical point:

“If they don’t lower the standards and they can pass them, sure,” he said.

And that’s the critical item here. Most SPECOPS operators, and I suspect O’Neil as well, have no doubt that no women will pass with todays standards in place. What he said after that one comment is all crap to cover his own ass from the idiot PC crowd which has made a habit out of destroying those that get in their way.

The truth is that the commanders that are voicing concerns about this mandate have legitimate reasons for their gripe. They have seen a separate set of much lower standard be created, by congressional fiat, to accommodate the fact even the basic standards would have resulted in the exclusion of all but a handful of women (biology and reality will not bend to anyone’s PC fantasies), and they are under no delusion that these PC idiots will do the same to the SPECOPS programs, resulting in the loss of life.

Liberalism is about bucking reality, and then, when things go wrong, blaming others for that problem. Me, I suspect that the fucking PC assholes pushing for this know exactly what they are doing: degrading the effectiveness of SPECOPS programs and setting up an incident where Americans will be forced to view some brutal and ugly death scene and turn even more risk averse. This is all part and parcel of that fundamental change that turns America and the things that keep America on top into shit.

I do not for a second believe that if these SPECOPS groups actually open doors to women, with the same standards men have to pass in place, that when no woman can pass the brutal regime, the standards for women will end up lowered by order of the PC police. The PC police will then claim victory, and pretend that despite them lowering standards, some level of equality exists where it doesn’t. Nature and biology are a bitch, and we ignore reality at our own peril. Men and women can be do the same things in many spaces, but when it comes to pure physical strength and the ability to endure extreme physical punishment, there is an undeniable difference.

The plan when they took over was to

Secure defeat when a possible victory was in the works, and if you doubt that’s what they are doing, check out how well informed these bozos are:

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R., Calif.) had a simple question Wednesday for three of the Obama administration’s top Afghanistan specialists: How many American troops have been killed in Afghanistan this year?

None of the witnesses at the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Afghanistan had an answer.

How much is the U.S. spending in Afghanistan? Mr. Rohrabacher asked.

No one could say.

“We’re supposed to believe that you fellas have a plan that’s going to end up in a positive way in Afghanistan?” Mr. Rohrabacher asked. “Holy cow!”

Mr. Rohrabacher’s incredulous questioning came during a two-hour hearing on U.S. policy in Afghanistan that revealed increasing congressional frustration with U.S. policy as the administration tries to rescue its plan to keep thousands of troops in Afghanistan through the end of this decade, if not beyond.

Rep. Gerry Connolly (D., Va.) called the witnesses’ inability to rattle off the facts “a stunning development.”

Even democrats are realizing how inept this administration is, and maybe even catching on that the plan is to pull defeat out of the jaws of vitory, it looks like…

Another piece of the puzzle..

The other day I was talking to someone that was pointing out to me they were worried about this administration’s control over the military and considering the tyrannical and criminal nature of this administration, what it could mean for us all. I dismissed her concerns and told her that these fucks couldn’t command the loyalty of a hungry dog if they were wearing a hotdog suit, and that the military would never side with them if they chose to escalate their abuses even more. I might have been a bit premature in my dismissal though, because a little digging got me to see that this administration has been very effective at purging those that that showed any sign of not going along with their criminal shit.

Obama’s administration is basically doing, for real, all the criminal and tyrannical progtards things the used to pretend GWB’s administration did, and they are doing it on steroids. The Soviets and communist Chinese had purges like this of their military. At least they are not executing the people they are purging like the old guard used to, but they are just as effective in undermining the possibility that if they wanted to turn the troops on the American people the military leadership wouldn’t just go along. These people are above the law, and they view us as serfs. They are actively destroying our economy and country and straddling our future generations with an enormous burden, and we are now finding out how bad they are screwing us. And they are exerting enormous pressure to keep the truth from coming out.

Yeah, maybe my friend was right because this news about that military purge is something to worry about.

Loose Lips

About 2 weeks ago I read a scathing article in the WSJ, penned by a recently retired former ST6 Navy Seal, who was more then critical of the Obama administration and his megaphone style handling of ST6 and their recent exploits. As background he admitted that he was retired before the OBL cacking, he had been on a number of similar high profile missions. The gist of the article was that Obama, his staff, and the Joint Chiefs should STFU about missions like this, because their peacocking not only makes future ST6 missions harder, it gets people killed.

It should not surprise anyone the level and commitment these guys put in to training and tactics, and it also is no secret that the bad guys around the world pay attention to shit like this. If they can glean any info at all on ST tactics, they are all ears. Well, that is just what all these back slapping articles do, give away secrets that should not be publicly disseminated. The point that I was not aware of was that every civilian Afghani that helped us get OBL, that gave us intel of facilitated the mission, all of them to a man has been arrested for treason and will be tried as such in an Afghan court. What a good way to make friends, help us and you can bet that we will blab away, give you up, and you will either get a bullet in the brain, or a prison cell for life, but help us anyway.

This morning I read about even more criticisms from those that are qualified to give it:

A retired general today assailed the commander of the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden for drawing too much media attention to operations that he argued should be kept under wraps.
Special Operations Commander Adm. Bill McRaven was confronted by retired Lt. Gen. James Vaught, who said he didn’t understand why the recent raids by the Navy SEALs, such as the one to kill Osama bin Laden or to rescue U.S. hostage Jessica Buchanan, were all over the media.
“Since the time when your wonderful team went and drug bin Laden out and got rid of him, and more recently when you went down and rescued the group in Somalia, or wherever the hell they were, they’ve been splashing all of this all over the media,” Vaught, 85, said. “I flat don’t understand that.
“Now back when my special operators extracted Saddam [Hussein] from the hole, we didn’t say one damn word about it,” he continued. “We turned him over to the local commander and told him to claim that his forces drug him out of the hole, and he did so. And we just faded away and kept our mouth shut.

Here’s a question, I would have to think that the higher echelon military muckity mucks know better, this is not their first rodeo, they understand the concept of loose lips and all that, but is it possible (probable) that Obama and his crew are putting undue pressure on the military to over publicize these endeavors?

I don’t think there is any doubt that your basic Democrat is no friend to the military. Defense is the first on their chopping block, their attitudes are usually anti conflict/more diplomacy (even when diplomacy hasn’t or can’t work), they don’t get the “peace through strength” corollary that Reagan spoke of, and think American power projection as always caused more problems then it has solved. Obama himself has been no real friend of the military either. Sure, he has stepped up drone attacks, but don’t you think this has more to do with his “comfy chair” style approach to interrogation? Any captured terrorists opens up that whole EIT/Gitmo argument that he wants no part of. But I’m thinking that all those smart suits in the WH know that Obama will get his head caved in running on his domestic record, the main feather in his cap is the OBL hit, so maybe the military (totally against their better judgment) has been ordered to play this up big time, keep it fresh in the minds of the voters.

I think it is nuts for any military man to talk to the press, look what happened to Stanley McChrystal.