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I knew this was all politics and not about solutions…

In a move that pissed me off, the congressional republicans buckled and offered the democrats $300 million in new taxes, only to have the democrats rebuff the offer, now making it all but obvious that their intent from the beginning was to have the special debt-reduction committee, which has two weeks left, fail for political reasons.

Congressional Republicans have for the first time retreated from their hard-line stance against new taxes, offering to raise federal tax collections by nearly $300 billion over the next decade as part of a plan to tame the national debt.

But Democrats rejected the offer Tuesday — along with the notion that Republicans had made a significant concession that could end the long-standing political impasse — leaving a special debt-reduction committee far from compromise with less than two weeks until its Thanksgiving deadline.

Democrats said the tax increases in the GOP offer would be dwarfed by major new tax cuts for the nation’s wealthiest households, including a reduction in the top income tax rate from 35 percent to 28 percent.

“They’re anxious to promote a certain concept with all of you,” Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.), one of the negotiators, told reporters. “I’ll be very clear that whatever they put there doesn’t get the job done.”

Oh, sure the democrats, whom have made it very clear that they want to get a minimum of one to one ratio on new taxes, or as the propaganda machine calls it, new revenue, are demanding a dollar in new taxes for each dollar in cuts – that way big government stays big, and they can keep buying votes – and blame the fact republicans will not acquiesce for their thumbs down. But lets be honest here and point out that any kind of deal would be turned down by the democrats, because if they make one Obama loses his most potent weapons – the “Do Nothing Congress” accusations that pretend republicans also control the Senate and not Harry Reid, whom has blocked everything the House has send him – and that’s not gonna happen. The republicans seem to know this.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) fired back that Republicans are “working diligently to get a solution” and accused Democrats of trying to block a deal. McConnell said he suspected that “the folks down at the White House are pulling for failure because, you see, if the joint committee succeeds, it steps on the story line that they’ve been peddling, which is that you can’t do anything with the Republicans in Congress.”

Right on Mitch. And the democrats continue to ask for what they know the republicans can and should never give them.

Members of the supercommittee had planned to continue talking Tuesday afternoon, but a bipartisan meeting was abruptly canceled, and neither side appeared optimistic about the prospects for a breakthrough. “I have yet to see a real, credible plan that raises revenue in a significant way to bring us to a fair, balanced proposal,” Sen. Patty Murray (Wash.), the Democratic co-chairman of the panel, told reporters.

These request for insane tax hikes, in fact, as far as I am concerned for any tax hikes that isn’t one where the 47% that today doesn’t pay any taxes now have to pay them too, need to be DOA. And that’s because these “cuts” all come in a decade, long after Team Obama is gone, while the taxes happen yesterday. That’s basically a guarantee that the nanny-staters will keep spending like they are doing now, racking up the deficit to grow the collectivist dependant base they depend on for votes, then the cuts never happen. Fuck that. That’s why this:

Late Monday, some GOP supercommittee members finally crossed the anti-tax line that their leaders had drawn in the sand. In a meeting that dragged on nearly to midnight, Sens. Patrick J. Toomey (Pa.) and Rob Portman (Ohio) and Reps. Dave Camp and Fred Upton, both of Michigan, presented a new proposal to Democrats Kerry, Sen. Max Baucus (Mont.) and Rep. Chris Van Hollen (Md.).

Pisses me off. If they give into them now, the commiecrats will just keep saying no until they either get the ridiculous 1 for 1 option they want, which to put things into perspective means they want $1 trillion in taxes now for the promise of a $1 trillion cut 10 years from now, or they will kill the thing, and give Obama his campaign bumper sticker. The fact that the do nothing congress is courtesy of Harry Reid will never be mentioned by the LSM.

The Special Interest President Is On To Something

I saw this video the other day, it is of the “It Gets Better” theme, made with White House personnel. It really pissed me off, but maybe not for the reasons you think, give it a look:



First off, I think the whole “It Gets Better” concept is effing brilliant, but damn it, why does the left always co opt compassion? I understand the play book involved, divide and conquer, marginalize your opponent by making them out as bigots racists, homophobes , and general all round reprobates, by showcasing your compassion, tolerance, and humanity, I get all that. But this was really a clever concept and I wish my side had thought of it first.


When I was very young I had a slight speech impediment, I had difficulty in pronouncing “R”‘s and for a few years it was no fun. After some time with a speech therapist I managed to lick it but I knew what it felt like to be different and to be made fun of. This in context is really minor compared to those other “different” types, I had the help and assurance of a supporting family but someone who is young and gay? good luck with that. Being different is always a tough road to hoe but being different and alone? ouch. This is why the “It gets Better” movement is so useful, it provides instant support and validation.


You can see the president’s IGB speech here. Taking ideology out of it, it was a great message. Now the cynics of us will spot the panderer a mile away and declare that this was done strictly for political effect, of course it was, but does it resonate with caring human beings? you betcha. Oh, and it’s first speech of his that I could really see his eyes moving across that teleprompter, almost 3 years in and the tell is still there.

I also did not like that shot at rural America, you know, that place that clings to their guns and religion. This really needs to be hit hard at the next election, his total disconnect with the common folk outside of the big cities.

I hope the president  will view the honest tax payer, that guy that makes all his social programs work, as the next special interest target and explain to me how its going to get better. A few suggestions, work with the House in adopting Ryan’s Path To Prosperity, listen to your debt commission and adopt some of their recommendations, quit the class warfare, cut corporate taxes and make it easier for businesses to prosper and more tax revenue will grow naturally, and please, get out of the way and unass those drilling permits so we don’t have to keep felating the Saudis for our oil.

The day is approaching when the gay community will feel just as at home in the right’s tent as they do in the left’s, we aren’t there yet, but we’re working on it.


Any other feelings about this video?