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Joe Biden’s comment on the one child policy in China

There is much hub-bub about Biden’s comments related to the Chinese on-child policy made while on a diplomatic mission there. According to InfoWars, which reported about Biden’s speech and the comment in question Biden did say that he was not going to second guess their policy, but in fairness he was speaking about that issue in the context of sustainable economic policy. Here is the full text of speech in China. People went nuts when they heard Biden’s comment that he was not second guessing their policy, and now the WH is yet again in damage control mode after he opened his mouth.

But to be fair, the WH is correct I think in pointing out that Biden was telling the Chinese that the once-child policy had serious economic implication for collectivist societies that depended on Ponzi schemes, like our SS system, and then, even when Biden seems to have the math wrong, that such a system is not sustainable, and I get his point. Biden errs when he says that 4 produce only one to pay for them. I am assuming he means that 2 couples, each with one child, will produce only a single union, again with one child, which basically inverts the pyramid in the Ponzi scheme. And he is right to say the Ponzi scheme implodes when that happens, as it is doing right now with our Boomer generation in the US, and is also happening in every Western socialist state, where our entitlement society suddenly doesn’t have enough people putting in to cover those pulling out.

But I do believe Biden should not have simply told the Chinese he was not going to second guess their policy, if as the WH says, he finds it deplorable. If he simply chose to give them a pass for diplomatic reasons or because angering your creditors isn’t much help, I actually think less of Biden now than when I simply thought the guys was a moron. Especially when the Chinese did not care much about hurting our feelings and had no problem telling the WH that we are spending too much of their money just a little while ago during our debt debate.

The practice is in my opinion outright barbaric. Especially in a society where male children are preferred because of a patriarchal system. I still think the Chinese have no idea how hard the problem of some 60-100 million guys, depending on how big of a shift/imbalance in gender population you accept this policy has caused, without the ability to find a wife are going to be to deal with.

In this case I am not sure if Biden was just being dumb old Joe or if this was just a case of ass kissing gone bad. I have a distinct feeling it is the later. After all, other Obama followers have already articulated their longing to bring the Chinese government model – totalitarianism – here, if but for a day.