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“Pill fight” revisited.

Linking back to Hal’s post on the Obama birth control fiasco and bringing up a new point I think most of us missed when that came out. George Stephanopoulos’ strange and totally unexpected question about birth control during the January 7th republican debate. Most of us ignored it, or saw it as a simple desperate leftist attempt to create the kind of controversy that benefits them, while actually derailing the debate from the topics of importance like the economic disaster the last 3 years have been. Seriously, contraceptives when Obama is running trillion dollar plus annual deficits, adding $5 trillion to the debt in a short 3 years, unemployment is sky-high despite the fudged reported numbers, and the economy is moving slower than a snail? But in hindsight, the Stephanopoulos question seems to point to an even greater controversy than the question itself, the timing of the question, the Obama contraceptives mandate, and the recent efforts to back off of it considering the negative backlash, combined.

Think this through. In January, a month before the WH puts out their controversial mandate, an elite member of the LSM, and a former democrat political player, drops a ludicrous bomb shell question, during a republican debate where everyone is focused on the disastrous economic practices of the last 3 years. We all assume he is just doing this in the hopes of getting the republicans to say dumb things the WH could then use to claim republicans want to keep women barefoot and pregnant slaves. Newt smacks Stephanopoulos down so hard that his mother reeled from that hit, obviously denying the left any of the juicy footage they where hoping to get, we all assume, and most of us just forget the incident.

Fast forward a month, and there comes the controversial Obama contraceptives mandate. BOOM! The leftists think they are about to score a huge win with this mandate, because the right is going to make fools of themselves fighting it. To them, government control of all aspects of life, especially when it flies in the face of them fairy-in-the-sky worshippers, is a big bonus, and a win-win argument. Let the bloodbath begin! And we all start arguing that controversial decision and what it means, just like they expected. Only things they “miscalculated” as whatever battle plan the WH had, goes south, and does so fast. Almost everyone understands what a blatantly unconstitutional pile of garbage this idiotic mandate is, and they all say so. Eventually the WH even finds itself backing down and trying to reach a compromise, albeit unsuccessfully so far.

But there is a bigger issue here that nobody has yet brought up: was Stephanopoulos working for the WH when he asked his question during the republican debate? Feeling the ground or hoping to create some controversy that the WH, which was planning this contraceptive mandate, could use for political gain? Sure, it all could be a coincidence, but considering the track record of how the left works, their past transgressions of this kind, and how they love to coordinate their “message”, I think the odds of Islamic radicals suddenly becoming mother Theresa-like care givers and completely turning on their violent ways, are better. No, I think we can, and with certitude, point out that there has to be a connection here, and that it basically again shows how the LSM is completely in the pocket of the left. Basically it now looks like Stephanopoulos was doing the WH’s dirty work for them. Expect a lot more of that. In fact, we should all be wondering how much more of this is going on that we have not yet caught on to.