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GOP Debate Tonight

Yeah, I know, it is still way early, the field could be expanded, and the contenders are usually so damned nice to each other that toe to toes are too rare. But who knows, maybe we will get another sexist condescending question about Bachmann submitting to her husband, Santorum advocating even more military might around the world fighting the world’s ills, or Paul throwing out even more government agencies he would close down (they all need to sweat a little). But most of all I want to see how Perry comports himself and if there is anymore people he threatens with a Texas style dealing. Almost popcorn time:

It’s being billed as the first major Republican debate, with two front runners with very different styles going head-to-head — and a third contender struggling to keep her footing. So when you’re getting out the popcorn and heading for the couch to watch the Big Event, here are five things to be on the lookout for:

I want to see some fireworks. I want to see each of the 3 leaders to get put on their heels by something unexpected, then convince everyone one up there (and me) why they are worthy of support. If this is all we got (and I hope not) then I need a nice rass matazz, some Ali style “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”, some choreography that will impress me. Some sense of urgency would be nice, but most of all, sell me that used car.