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Seeing The Forrest For The Trees

I’m always on the look out for a compelling political ad, and with 3 weeks to go (thank God) we should get a few more from the avalanche to follow. I found one from one of those job creators we have been talking about of late, not from a politician, an academician, or a lobbyist, nope, this is from a guy that has walked the walk, has experienced the American dream first hand and knows what is talking about:

What do you think?

It is interesting, much like the Jamaican lady in the Rock/Penn video, that immigrants, those folks that had to make an effort to get here, mostly share a very American attitude, that being an appreciation and affection for those “benefits” that many natives take for granted.The ability to write your own ticket regardless of where you came from, that is a powerful motivator, and this guy encapsulates that message perfectly. Fleeing a communist country (Hungary) while it was still communist, coming here with no money unable to speak English but having an appreciation for freedom, he ends up the head of large corporation, which he started himself, rich and employs thousands of people. Yeah, I’d say he has earned the right to lecture us.

They say that things you earn yourself you have a better appreciation for and value more. Similarly those folks that experienced poverty [raising hand] and got out, those that grew up in a communist country but got out and made it to America, they can properly evaluate their new station because they have a point of reference.

Maybe that is why of those countries that have a flat tax system, most are ex soviet bloc countries that have felt the boot of government oppression on their necks;

Today there are at least forty governments with flat tax type systems, most of which made the switch in just the last decade.

These include: Estonia (1994, 21%), Lithuania (1994,15%), Latvia (1995, 23%), Russia (2001, 13%), Serbia (2003, 12%), Bosnia and Herzegovina (2004, 10%), Slovakia (2004, 19%), Ukraine (2004, 15%), Georgia (2005, 20%), Romania (2005, 16%), Turkmenistan (2005, 10%), Kyrgyztan (2006, 10%), Albania (2007, 10%), Mongolia (2007, 10%), Kazakhstan (2007, 10%), Mauritius (2007, 15%), Tajikistan (2007, 13%), Bulgaria (2008, 10%), Czech Republic (2008, 15%), Belarus (2009, 12%), Seychelles (2010, 15%) and Hungary (2011, 16%).

Freedom is contagious, and the freedom is keep more of your own hard earned money trumps most everything else.

Targeting The Sheep Vote

Maybe it is because my guy (still trying to get used to the bile taste)is always behind, always playing catch up, but election season is soooooooooo tedious. If I have to hear about one more poll or see some news clown standing in front of a red/blue map of the nation, I’m about to put Bikini Hookers From Mars on proverbial repeat cycle on my DVR until after the election {sidebar; is anyone else about had it with Showtime’s Homeland series, the blame America mime played to absurdity and sloppy wet kiss love affair Hollywood has with terrorists ? Get a room}

But about the only thing fun with campaign season is the creative chessy TV ads that make fun of the opponents. There is a cute Fedex ad that has been making the rounds of late, although sedate and family friendly, it illustrates more of what I want.

There exists in my neck of the woods this diluted politician wannabe that thinks he has a snowballs chance in Hell of defeating the most disgusting, wicked, and batshit insane woman in the House, why not just roll with it, and go for laughs, after all, this is your high water mark:

That ,”Romney killed my wife” commercial wasn’t bad, but something involving a video with midget hookers, that’s what I’m looking for. Scott Brown was close when he brought up the asbestos history of Dances With The Truth, but we can do better. A debate where one guy produces a police report of his opponent getting arrested for drunk and disorderly, where he punched out a security guard then defecated in the parking lot, or 8 X 10’s of his opponent blowing a tranny in some seedy back alley ala Hugh Grant/Divine Brown, stuff like this is what we as paying customers are looking for.

And yes, I did notice that peace sign at the end of his ad, dirty stinkin’ hippie.

Out Of The Mouth Of Babes

It’s a fine line, trying to walk that tightrope between running a classy/honorable above the fray campaign, or jumping in the mud with the pigs from the other side. McCain tried it his way, not going after Obama’s radical past, radical friends, radical ideas and his diaphanous record wrt to any political accomplishments. A noble gesture, noble all the way down until he crashed and burned. It is possible to run a campaign strictly on the issues and not go the prison rules route?

As a general rule I go Goodwin’s Law on anything involving kids, grannies, or cute cuddly pets, and this includes starving kids, grannies and cute cuddly pets. Commercials of grannies getting pushed off cliffs, getting adorable 10 year olds to hold signs in the public square that says “God hates fags”, targeting an entire party with nonsense like “They hate poor people/black people/kids” or they want to kill same, getting medieval on these folks is too good for them. But then one comes down the pike that piques my interest and I must re calibrate.

Check out this political ad:

Conceding that nothing done on these ads is by chance, the white family was probably used because the black vote is monolithic, will never stray, and make up a small percentage of independents. I wasn’t real thrilled about using “his lies”, a bit risky there, regardless of accuracy. A better approach might have been that he had his chance, we tried his stuff, it didn’t work and made things worse, so let’s tack to a different course.

Yes, using the housing crises and umemployment is also a bit misleading, Obama and his policies did not cause either one. But where they are salient is that they were an issue during the campaign, he did make promises that were unfulfilled, he gave us policies that were ineffective, he has shown us that he is not up to the job. He tried and failed, so be it, that is the nature pf politcs, you get one bite of the apple, then we take the apple from you.

Where using kids worked in this ad is that they are the future, and what that cute little girls says is true. The libs pat themselves on the backs and demonstrably flash their mother earth merit badge on their chest, saying that it is their responsibility to pass down a clean pristine planet to the next generation. I agree whole heartidly, now how about adding some fiscal responsibilty to all that chest thumping?

It has been mentioned before that this election will probably be the dirtiest most personal in history. If there is no way to avoid the mud wrestling, is it better to get in early? You youngsters missed the run of one of the funniest magazines ever and one of the all time classic covers was this. That dog’s name btw was Cheeseface, a born actor. Kudos to anyone that can identify the brand and model of that handgun. Something similar can easily be pirated targeting Obama and his mode of snacking.