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How Enron Captured the Government

The WaPo has the details on an interesting poli-sci study. Two professors looked at over 250,000 e-mails from Enron, the failed energy giant and supposed poster child for campaign finance reform. Enron has often been cited as the fate that await our government in the wake of Citizens United. Enron donated millions to politicians, was a powerful lobby and had friends in high places. Surely that was why they were allowed to get … Read more

Democrat Super PACs and Self-Loathing

What are liberals to do?  The Citizens United decision by SCOTUS is almost as infuriating to progressives as Bush v Gore.  Almost.  They’re convinced that the deck is permanently stacked against them because The Rich, Inc is somehow able to buy elections and cancel out their votes.  As we all know, only the government should be able to buy votes and only through entitlements and free cell phones, but that’s not what I’m interested … Read more