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Hey Mr DJ: Happenstance Edition

How about something different this week? Next week will be cool, I promise. Maybe.

Grab your iPhone, log onto Spotify, turn on your 8-track player, listen to your favorite radio station, or do whatever the hell it is you do when you want to listen to music. Choose “shuffle” and press play. Pull up the songs that play and post the YouTube videos (if you can find them there).

Give me a list of the first 10 songs that play on your computer/device/stereo. Why 10? Because that’s how many dedications I have from last week. This thread is for the determined and aimless, you see. After your first set, add one song dedication for each new person who posts a song. Theoretically, we could keep this going forever and this chaotic idea pleases me mightily.

Yes, it’s a bitch to find that many links, but the music player is making all the tough decisions.

It’s truly all about you, this week. I’d like to have a better idea of what freaky shit you people listen to in order to better meet your DJ thread needs.

Presently, I have something like 12 straight days worth of music on my hard drive. As I type this, I have absolutely no idea what to expect once it starts playing. It’s sort of exciting, really.

The dedications are in order of how you chronologically commented last week. Here we go:

1. Iconoclast: Under the Earth by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Brand new. I like it, probably not your cup of tea.

2. WVR: Ain’t Nothing Like You (Hoochie Coo) by Blackroc. I have no fucking clue when I added this. Probably would have been a good one for CM or Biggie.

3. Aussiesmurf: Gameboy version Que Onda Guero by Beck. I apologize.

4. Santino: Disposable Teens by Marilyn Manson. Surprising. You actually got one you may like.

5. pfluffy: Under Pressure by Queen/Bowie. Another lucky one.

6. Biggie G: Serenity by Godsmack. Meh. Sorry.

7. Mississippi Yankee: The Cave by Mumford and Sons. Good one for you, I believe.

8. InsipiD: Angel in the Snow by Elliott Smith. Who?

9. CM: Pretty Pink Ribbon by Cake. No, no…

10. Dick Fitzwell: Sweetest Thing by U2. Ugh.

Aaaaaah. Yeah, I’m not entirely happy about a few on that list. Let’s keep going.

1. Iconoclast: Cry, Cry by Mazzy Star. Another one of those that I like and your mileage may vary.

2. WVR: Automatic by Prince. Much better.

3. Aussiesmurf: I Know Something by Alice in Chains (sorry, pfluffy)

4. Santino: Drunkard’s Lament by Firewater. Wow, not on Youtube. Let me get back to you.

5. pfluffy: Thunderkiss ’65 by White Zombie. Jesus, it’s starting to become obvious why we’re friends.

6. Biggie G: Locked On by Jerry Cantrell

7. Mississippi Yankee: Hammond Song by The Roches. Uhhhh…I don’t remember this one either.

8. InsipiD: Islands by The xx

9. CM: Rebel, Rebel by David Bowie. Yeah, I don’t like Bowie or anything.

10. Dick Fitzwell: The Becoming by NIN

Okay, Santino got shorted by a lack of Firewater fans who know how to upload songs on Youtube, so let me go to the next track: Monkey Gone To Heaven by Pixies. Oh, you lucky bastard. Good one.

What’s in yer playlist?