Klavin Connects

I realize that at this point in time the miniscule remnants of OBL’s body has already passed through the orifices of the various Charlie The Tunas that feasted on him last week and fortified the oceans with much needed nutrients (does terrorist carcass taste the same as normal people? I think we need a study, Jacques, where are you?) but since this whole affair gives our citizen of the world president some much need gravitas (And an excuse to walk around the WH jingling his spurs) and I expect he will go to this well through out the upcoming campaign, the shoot out at the Abbottabad Corral will be brought back for effect until the election.

Andrew Klavin, a regular over at PJTV, a site I look at from time to time, has some thoughts:



A few thoughts:

The “what would Jesus do” canard is often utilized by the progressives when denouncing any type of Alpha type behavior, and it never works. This is like Moore saying ,”What would Usian Bolt do” when referencing a foot race and some behavior of Moore’s, the comparisons are ludicrous.


And the Klavin crack about this being the first military non disaster for a Democratic president? I guess he forgot this D-Day like precision strike. OK, to be fair, Clinton achieved impressive successes in Bosnia and Kosovo, we will give him his proper due.


And an exploding Michael Moore (duck, here comes that poorly digested slice of pepperoni pizza), how great was that?


Expect some references to OBL’s demise on the next prog. bumper sticker you see, hopefully, you will see it as the proud owner is at the gas pumps paying a “C” note to fill up, all the while looking at this: