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More Whoppers

I know, low hanging fruit, too easy;

Was that one of those “tells” for fibbing, he mentions his beautiful wife then pulls on his ear, busted.

For being as brilliant as his supporters like to believe, why does he have such a hard time figuring out that what he says is recorder for posterity, even on the campaign trail? I mean, Bill Clinton was not stupid enough to say that if he got elected he would give up abusing women, you think Hillary would be caught dead swearing off krispy kreme’s?

Time and time again the candidate Obama told us he would do A, then as president he does B. That crap about running up the deficit is unpatriotic, the garbaaage about him respecting the Constitution and working with congress, him being a uniter not a divider, being president is much better then running for president.

Good thing he didn’t say he would give up golf, however badly he plays it.