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Is this the China the marxists in our government love so much?

I way too often hear stories how evil our school system is because only the rich, those that can afford to pay for private education, make out, while those stuck with public schools are facing a crap shoot. My kid landed in one of the better school systems in Connecticut. Don’t get me wrong, I pay for it in taxes. My property taxes have all gone up by ridiculous numbers. The taxes on my home went up 5 fold in the 17 years since I bought it. The taxes on my vehicles all but doubled in the same time span, even though the relative value of the vehicles stayed about the same. My kid lucks out. Move about 17 miles north of me to Hartford, and you have some of the worst public schools in the nation. In Hartford they spend far more money per pupil than where my kid goes to school, and yet, they have some of the most frightening drop out and failure rates. They do have some strong ass unions and are hard core leftists, though, so I guess you can call it all Karma.

Anyway, we have all the marxism lovers here in the US, and especially those that were or are members of this administration, telling us they wished they ran the show here like they do in China. I wonder if they mean that they would like to run the public school system – the only one allowed in China – like they do there:

BEIJING — For Chinese children and their devoted parents, education has long been seen as the key to getting ahead in a highly competitive society. But just as money and power grease business deals and civil servant promotions, the academic race here is increasingly rigged in favor of the wealthy and well connected, who pay large sums and use connections to give their children an edge at government-run schools.

Nearly everything has a price, parents and educators say, from school admissions and placement in top classes to leadership positions in Communist youth groups. Even front-row seats near the blackboard or a post as class monitor are up for sale.

Zhao Hua, a migrant from Hebei Province who owns a small electronics business here, said she was forced to deposit $4,800 into a bank account to enroll her daughter in a Beijing elementary school. At the bank, she said, she was stunned to encounter officials from the district education committee armed with a list of students and how much each family had to pay. Later, school officials made her sign a document saying the fee was a voluntary “donation.”

“Of course I knew it was illegal,” she said. “But if you don’t pay, your child will go nowhere.”

I guess the first observation I can make is that if we did the same here, all that loot that these bribes would yield could be used to solve all the teacher’s union’s fiscal problems in one fell swoop. Of course, it is ironic that the very system that our marxists worship clearly has the worst aspect of an egalitarian system going for them: the hefty bribe that thus favors the well off.

And things are changing in China. The leadership just went from being one run by engineers to one no longer run by them. The new leader, Xi, has a double degree – chemical engineering and law – but he is the exception rather than the rule. Maybe with lawyers taking over China it will end up as fucked up as we are here. One thing is for certain: these leftist paradises are all always rotten to the core.