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Punished for going above and beyond the call of duty?

That’s what seems to have happened to Duane Reade pharmacist Monesh Hanoman, 26, of Brooklyn:

A Lebanese fashion editor in Manhattan on business was sexually assaulted by a Duane Reade pharmacist claiming to give her a breast exam, according to a new $40 million lawsuit.

Hayat Ammouri, of Beirut, went to the branch of the drugstore chain at 575 Lexington Ave. on April 22 for medication, according to the Manhattan civil suit.

Pharmacist Monesh Hanoman, 26, of Brooklyn, offered to give Ammouri, 42, a free blood-pressure test, the suit states.

He then took Ammouri, a devout Muslim, behind a divider in the store and allegedly suggested she let him check her breasts for lumps, even though the store does not allow its pharmacists to perform such procedures.

“She agreed, reasonably thinking that this is a type of examination that could be offered by . . . a health-care professional wearing a white Duane Reade-issue robe . . . the distinctive dress of physicians.

“Hanoman then sadistically and perversely rubbed Ms. Ammouri’s breasts and shockingly pinched her nipples for approximately four minutes,” court papers allege.

The Laha Magazine editor returned to her Waldorf-Astoria hotel room and told her cousin about what happened, asking if it was normal. The cousin immediately contacted the store and the police. They were informed by a Duane Reade supervisor that Hanoman had been fired.

That ungrateful journalist just couldn’t see this good Samaritan’s intentions! The witch. Besides, everyone knows that pinching nipples and rubbing breasteses in a “sadistic and perverse” manner are all part and parcel of breast examinations, don’t they? Who cares if this guy wasn’t either qualified or actually allowed to do this sordid stuff anyway? He meant well! He was trying to save this poor woman from something real bad….

I don’t need a sarcasm tag for this post to not be taken the wrong way, do I?