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Pay Day

Bloomberg today has an astounding report on how workers have been able to abuse compensation systems in various states:

Nine years ago, California Democrat Gray Davis became the first U.S. governor in 82 years to be recalled by voters. The state’s 20 million taxpayers still bear the cost of his four years and 10 months on the job.

Davis escalated salaries and benefits for 164,000 state workers, including a 34 percent raise for prison guards,

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Spending Restraint

Nicely done, assholes:

On Friday afternoon, within half an hour of one another, both the House and Senate voted to reauthorize the nation’s federal transportation funding programs. They then immediately fled town, which is understandable because the legislation is atrocious.

For starters, the bill spends $6 billion bailing out college students by extending the artificially low 3.4 percent interest rate on some subsidized college student loans. The change will save the average student only

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California Squeezing

Turns out the unions suffered another defeat Tuesday night:

The most significant election on Tuesday wasn’t in Wisconsin.

It was in San Jose and San Diego, where nearly 70% of citizens voted for public-sector union pension reforms, introduced by Democrats, that could save their cash-strapped cities billions of dollars.

California voters rallying behind pension reforms introduced by mayors shows the sea change in the politics of public-sector unions. Connect the dots between Scott Walker’s decisive

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Scott Walker, Real Job Creator

For those 25 million out of work, relief is about 1 week away. Although nobody will be watching (let’s see, do I want to watch the Packer/Saints game or Obama stumble through yet another attempt at a big government solution to something it was never suited for? Tough call) a cutting edge sure to please the sycophantic easily impressed WH press corps jobs proposal will be presented, thumb? Meet hole in dyke. With a shovel … Read more

Getting A Bigger Table

Making due with less, that is the new reality. Governmental agencies, from the little municipalities and townships all the way up to Washington, have adopted the mantra of austerity, for the simple fact that there are not enough dollars coming in to pay for obligations going out. And one of the biggest drags on maintaining fiscal solvency is paying and perking its public employees.

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