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I Hate Equivocators

Must be nice to be able to stand proud, confident, and 100% behind any candidate, I’m not so lucky, and neither is 58% of folks like myself. I’ve illustrated before the downside of falling in love with any candidate, like equities they must be evaluated quarterly since the story and your reason for support can change.

For the purposes of a levity break, and sometimes this blog really needs it, I present a true believer who’s certitude can only be envied:

Discounting the few kernels of truth Derrick speaks, and yes, Ron Paul is clearly right about some things, you have to admire his passion and exuberance. And doesn’t Derrick sound like some other so called constitutional experts you’ve run in to in the past?

As an aside, given the absolute nastiness we have seen exhibited this week between Newt, Paul, and Perry (those trying to chop the legs off of the leader) I think we can put that old adage of the left being far meaner and nastier then the right to bed. I understand bare knuckle politics as much as anybody but the stuff I’ve heard coming out of the mouths of these guys lately, where is Preston Brooks when you need him?