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Drinking too much makes you do stupid shit…

And apparently, this applies even in the animal world according to this story from down under. It seems that;

A feral pig ransacked a campsite and drank at least 18 cans cans of beer before getting into an altercation with a cow in Australia.

The incident, which happened in a remote area of Western Australia at the DeGray River rest area, prompted officials to warn campers to keep their food and alcohol secure.

The wild pig was seen around the campsite for several days last week, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported, citing officials who said the animal got into multiple six-packs of beer over the course of a few days.

Fionna Findley, from the government highway division Main Roads, told ABC that the people camping overnight at the rest area said that “the pig stole their beers, drank them and then afterwards proceeded to tear apart the bin liners.”

“We just want to remind everyone when you do pull over, make sure [your food and alcohol] is securely stored because there are a lot of animals out there that are keen for a free feed.”

One camper who reportedly spoke with the affected campers told ABC that the pig got into 18 beers, ransacked the campsite’s garbage bins and got into a fight with a cow.

The camper, who was only identified as Merida, said “there was some other people camped right on the river and they saw him running around their vehicle being chased by a cow.

We all have heard stories of some dude getting all drunk, breaking shit, and getting in trouble because he was trying to bed some fat chicks after drinking too much beer. Doesn’t look like the story is much more different when the beer guzzler is a member of the wild animal world either. This pig drank too much, got rowdy, broke shit, and then got chased by a fat chick he messed with (the cow). Sounds like any other random Friday or Saturday night romp at your average college.